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AU where Palutena and Farore are best friends and they hang out and always tell each other embarrassing stories about their heroic psuedo-sons, because that’s what green haired goddess moms do
Farore: So have I ever told you about the time Link got turned into a wolf and was kicked all around Hyrule by a Twili imp?
Palutena: That’s nothing! You don’t even know how many times Pit’s been turned into an eggplant or a tempura!
Link and Pit (in unison): MOM!!!


This is Let It Go sung by Count Clark. The maker of the video is tutudragon16. 

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I don't know if you do AUs, or if youre into the Marvel Universe at all, BUT if you are... I had this idea for an Enjolras/Grantaire Captain America AU with Enjolras as Captain America and Grantaire as Bucky, and then later the Winter Soldier. You dont have to be so in detail if you dont want you can kinda do something like just when E and R were starting to get close romantically, the whole thing with Bucky "dying" and Steve "dying" then BOOM modern day Cap 2 maybe??


Grantaire was racing down a dark alley towards the sounds of a fight, and while he was no stranger to a good brawl this sort of scenario was frustratingly familiar.  At the end of the alley was a scene he more or less expected to see: three big, burly blokes holding a scrawny twig of a kid up against the brick wall that closed off the alley, taking turns punching him.  It was satisfying to see that the boy continued to fight despite being well and thoroughly beaten, kicking out and yelling, but Grantaire wasn’t about to let this play out any further.  He stormed down the alley with a roar, pulled back the first guy he could get his hands on, and belted him across the face.  The man went down like the sack of shit he was.   The second guy turned on Grantaire with some very inappropriate language which Grantaire returned enthusiastically as they fell on each other. It didn’t take long for the remaining two to sense how badly the tide of this fight had changed – they may be big guys, but Grantaire did underground boxing and had a face already so ugly he wasn’t afraid of having it beaten a bit more – and they finally turned tail, shouting a few, lingering insults back.

“Enjolras,” he said in cordial greeting, his hands shooting out and grabbing the kid around the middle just as he was about to dart out of the alley after the people who had just been beating him senseless.

“Grantaire,” Enjolras huffed in return.

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Sherwholock someone kinda did it

“…its’s more the stuff of legend. Like Troy and Hector are to Rory. Like Achilles and Cassandra and….um Sherlock Holmes.’ ‘Doctor,’ Rory whispered, 'Sherlock Holmes wasn’t real….’ 'Oh, yes, people say that…”

taken from the book Doctor Who: The Way Through the Woods by Una McCormack pg 225

Why, oh why Cyclonus’s face in this picture reminded me of Pitch Black? Now I’m up to yet another AU! All hail the purple Nightmare King with his giant scythe that shoots lightning! The ancient spirit of Fear and Death, the literal Grim Reaper! Can Tailgate, a young cloudmancer, Sandman’s little cousin and the weaver of daydreams, stop him from devouring all the dreams in the world?