I recently came across freedomeagles’s and stirringwind’s Hetalia/1984 crossover artworks, and immediately felt inspired to draw something for this AU since it’s an amazing idea and I’m actually studying 1984 in English at the moment. This was the result - some quick drawings based on both of the above artists’ headcanons, which are included with the artworks linked and are definitely worth reading! (The first drawing here makes a reference to the quote, “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - for ever.”)


You saw the poster NOW HERE’S THE ANIMATION!
It’s my version of the Supernatural x Adventure Time crossover opening theme.

Animated & Directed by me, The Kao
Lyrics written and sung by motorcycledean 

In AC 4, Olivier goes to Chicago and they say he hasn’t been heard from since.  In Watch_Dogs, the final convoy mission has you killing him and even lists where he comes from and that he’s targeted by the Brotherhood.  In Rogue, they say that they never found his body and he went missing in Chicago.  Seriously Ubisoft, THIS is how you make a modern day story for AC!  That connection is way too perfect to deny that they’re in the same universe.  I would absolutely love a crossover with Aiden working with Rebecca and Shawn.