“You are a warg too, they say, a skinchanger who walks at night as a wolf. How much of it is true Bjorn Stark?”                     

                                               🎁 Happy Birthday Mark/bjornstark  🎁


What if….? Fire Emblem X Super Smash Bros

Part 1…? I’ve done the last 7 within a week, so I think I’m gonna take a break. (Although I have Captain Falcon already sketched out so he’ll probably show up around next month.)

Samus Aran: Mystic Knight
Princess Peach: War Cleric
Mario: Dwarven Blacksmith
Little Mac: Earth Monk
Rosalina: Cosmic Witch
Yoshi: Battle Mount

Wii Fit Trainer: Olympian
Wario: Goblin Marauder
Ice Climbers: Mountaineers

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