Peer pressure won. BW = 130, so I know now that I can C&J my body weight. Given more time, I think I could get more! I push pressed the weight, ha!

I made a mistake and wore my lifters for the first part. They made for heavy T2Bs. I wish I had changed shoes in the middle. There was plenty of time. I think I could have made about 15 more reps with lighter shoes.
15.1 and 15.1a -- Take 1

I’m such a sucker. I always end the workout saying I don’t need to do it again. Then 12 hours later I have my new strategy all geared up. It wasn’t that bad of a workout that I can’t redo it, so why not?

9 min AMRAP
15 TTB
10 DL 75#
5 snatches 75#

Immediately into:
6:00 to find 1rm clean and jerk

15.1 - 155 reps RXd (5+5)
15.1a - 160#

My goal was between 5 and 6 rounds, so I can’t complain. I thought I would have gotten a little farther into round 6 though.

TTB were the limiter of course. I did 9-6, 6-5-4, 5-5-5, 5x3, 5x3, 3-2. I planned to break up round 1 just like that even though I can do 15 unbroken. I think In take 2 I would do 6-5-4 from the start. My first round was 1:04 — too fast. Need to pace better, and I think I can hit 165 reps. That’s the new goal.

DL were easy and unbroken. Took 5 seconds and did the snatches tng.

15.1a was amazing! What a way to end the workout!

I came off 15.1 on a high. Adrenaline pumping. I changed my weights, stayed in my Nanos, and waited 90 seconds before my first lift.

135-145-155-160 and then dropped the 165 clean with 8 seconds left. It slipped right out of my hands.

Let’s talk about this one for a second. Previous 1rm clean and jerk = 150. Previous 1rm power clean = 150. And I’ve never jerked 160 from the front rack before. I am SO pumped. I power cleaned all my lifts because I had that much crazy adrenaline (lots of pulling power).

135 felt really light starting out, so for the next go I’m going to start with 145. Then do 155-160-165. Really 4 solid lifts is all you have the time for. I went just about every minute after my initial rest. I’ll be happy to still get 160 again, but 165 would be really nice.

Congrats to all you badasses out there that did it last night also! I read your recaps and you’re all rock stars. Good luck to anyone going today or this weekend!

I did it

I finished my first ever open workout (scaled). Should have broken up my first set of knee raises because my hands were shot after the first round but ended with 156 reps, snatches killlled me! Then I pr’d my clean and jerk @ 90lbs, the most I’ve ever cleaned before has been 65, and my jerk pr was 75 so I’m VERY happy with that. I love the whole team atmosphere and everything, now to celebrate tonight by going out with my friends for the first time in forever.


I’ve taken some hours to recoup and rest my muscles. I also took some time to think about the work I did.

Having collected my thoughts (and these pictures) I can say with confidence that I am proud of the work I did on 15.1 and 15.1a

I did the scaled workout and I still I hit a wall right around rep 115 but I managed to push through it and got 135 reps in all. It’s not that high of a number, but I’m still proud of it. Then I moved on to 15.1a and established my 1 rep max clean and jerk. I am sure I don’t have to say it, but damn. It was fucking rough.

1st attempt 105 
2nd attempt 115
3rd attempt 125 
4th attempt 130 (failed)
5th attempt 130 

That last 130 attempt was dicey. Really dicey. But I made it through. I also managed a 20lb PR.

So I signed up for the Open. I'm not very smart....

Here’s the nice bit. My scores are just scores. There will be no Master’s Qualifier for me. There will only be 5 WODs.

Since we don’t know what will next week will bring, I can only go kind of hard and accomplish whatever I am capable of.

I will hate my scores every week just because. I will also be a little bit happy that I have scores to post. There will be no repeats of WODs. There will be little to no strategy.

One WOD at a time.

The aftermath of 15.1 & 15.1a, haha. I ended up with 108 reps. Broke the t2b up early, but still ended up doing singles on my last round. Deadlifts were easy, but highly recommend mixed grip right from the start. The snatches were my down fall. We used 35kg (I think the conversion is actually 34kg), which is 1kg over my 1rm power snatch. I did then all singles, missed like 3 reps in the first round so that cost me. But 16 reps @ almost max weight! Woohoo!!! Went with 35kg for my first c&j, then 40, 45, and 47 pb! Went for 50kg, which was a pb for my power clean, but missed the jerk. After time I gave it another shot and got it, so 5kg pr on my c&j in less than a month 😀 stoked!

Honestly I had so much fun doing 15.1! I was so nervous before the workout 😣 I ended up With a 120# PR C&J! Which I’m happy with after all that.
I ended up doing scaled but man you still feel the burn!
I got to 214 reps, 😊 I don’t know if that’s good for scaled but Im Super proud of myself!! I’m going to do 15.1 RX’d on Monday for fun to see how I do! 👏

February 27, 2015

Open 15.1:
9 Minute AMRAP:
15 Toes-to-Bars
10 Deadlifts 75#
5 Snatches 75#

- then -

Open 15.1a:
6 Minute Clock: 

Build to a 1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

My Scores: 
        15.1 - 123 reps (4 + 3 ttb)
        15.1a - 150# (135# bw)

Went into this with a rip on my left hand. Don’t think it really affected me at all, though. But it did get worse by the end LOL. I really paced the first part. Like, looking back I could have gone faster. For 15.1a, I started with about 1:30 rest. This is where I changed into my oly shoes and changed to my first weight. All of my weights were added onto the barbell. I never planned on removing any plates. So I had like 5# plates in between the big plates and my bar was a shit show, tbh. (If you watched Outlaw’s tip video, all of this should sound familiar LOL.) I went 115# - 135# - 150# - 165#. Didn’t hit the 165#, obviously. Think I should have either went 155# or 160#. Going right for 165# was probably stupid. But the 150# felt so freaking easy. I could have gotten at least a few pounds more. I did get the 165# clean, though! It’s not only cool to watch my one rep maxes go up, but it’s also pretty cool when the weights I’m consistent at go up too. So, 165# is a pretty consistent hit for me. Well, I missed the first clean. But I rushed so hard and got right back on it. Literally. Oh, and by the fucking way, my 150# was a power clean. Such a power clean. Like. I can’t. Why can’t I jerk anything that requires a full clean? But dude, it felt so good, too. I’ve never had a power clean feel so great. I actually got under the bar and didn’t pull it as high as possible. I think because I wasn’t expecting it to be a power. I thought I was gunna have to squat. But I’d say I caught it in between the finishing position and below parallel. It was cool. You don’t care. Why is this bitch rambling on about this stupid power clean and how she caught it? Sorry, bye LOL. 

Everyone was talking about how shot their grip was for this entire thing. I don’t get it. I felt fine. My core wasn’t fucked, either. My lifts felt better than they have in a while. Is something wrong with me? LOL.

I’m slightly disappointed with my results for both WODs. For 15.1, wish I could have paced a little bit faster. For 15.1a, wish I would have went up less after the 150#. And started at a heavier weight. But whatever. I also followed Outlaw’s suggestions on this and went 70% - 80% - 95% - 95+%. On another note, I tried this shit again today (February 28), but it’s not even worth a post about it. Why? Because I quit. I was two rounds in, then one rip became two. And two became almost three. So now i have two rips on my left hand and a shitty blister on my right. Just wasn’t worth it anymore. I was babying my toes to bars. There’s no way my score for 15.1 would have been anywhere near what I got my first try. And any increase I could have possibly gotten on the clean and jerk would not have made up for it. So, I settle with my first score, which wasn’t too bad in the first place.

I totally just realized that I added my score wrong. I’ve been thinking like how in the hell is my score that low I did 4 rounds plus 1! Added it up again and came up with 121… Not 91. Ok that makes me feel better about myself haha.

Selfie after CrossFit open WOD 15.1
9min AMRAP
15 - knee ups ( modified toes to bar)
10 DL-55#
5 snatches -55#

6min to do 1 rep max on clean and jerk, I finally did 100!!!!

Managed 6 rounds +5 knee ups for a total score of 185 

Color me proud!




9 minute AMRAP…

15 toes-to-bar
10 deadlifts 115#/75#
5 snatches, 115#/75#

Scaled: hanging knee raises and 85#/55% weight

"CrossFit Games Open 15.1A"

6 minutes to establish…
1RM clean and jerk


Interested in giving CrossFit Groundworks a try? Text keyword ‘Groundworks’ to CROSS (27677)!

✓ CrossFit for 2 hours

Open gym

Warmup & mobility
(included cheering on the guys doing 15.1 today)
5 min DU’s
Build a heavy front squat Pushpress bar
3 sets of 4 front squat into 2 Pushpress @70kg

5 min AMRAP
12 Wallballs 6kg
4 thruster 40kg
5 rounds + 3 WB

5 min rest

5 min AMRAP
8 burpee box jumps 30”
8 pull-ups strict
3 rounds +6 pull-ups

DU’s for time:
100- 1:08
200- 3:16 

Straight into bar MU’s
5 unbroken

Logged on Cody