simpleconundrum asked:

Hey bruh! Love the workouts! Got anything in the pipeline for shoulders?

Damn, I hope you killed!

Yes it is, unfortunately it won’t be released now brah.

For all the males out there, who want a workout to get ripped ->



I am knackered. 4:30am wake up and half the day on a plane for a half hour meeting. Argh.

I did get to catch up with runintentional though so it was worth it.

Came home tired/sick from hunger and lack of sleep. Had a quick catnap and then I was off to training. Surprisingly felt a lot better afterward so there ya go. My coach is coming up with some very evil bench mark WODs for the box. Namely, “Jigglypuff”, “The Eeeep Test” and now the spicy “Habanero”. He is a sadist. It’s great though. They really do push you. I skipped three of the rounds because I was exhausted and my form was going to suffer. Still managed to get more than a lot of people though. I could keep up with my coach (he was obvs pacing himself) up to the front squats and then I lost him. The guy moves so damn fast! It’s great when he trains with us because you can see what WODs are supposed to look like in terms of pacing, speed etc.

I really love my body right now. I had a moment after training today when I got a bit happy teary when I got home because I’m just so proud of what it can do. I was also very hungry.

Gossip Goat came in the mail today so S and I don’t have to download it any longer. Yay!