Had to train by myself for the first time in a long while, so sometimes you just got to find ways to motivate and keep yourself going and pushing! Hit a solid 3 position snatch today and it felt clean 💥💪👍👊 @nutrishopteamsanjose @nutrishopteamfremont @nutrishopusa #crossfit #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitlife #fitness #fitspire #fitspiration #gym #gymfam #gymlife #gymflow100 #gains #gainz #nutrishop #nutrishopusa #nutrishopathlete #nutrishopteamsanjose #nutrishopsponsoredathlete #recover #rocktape #muscle #squat #snatch #strong #poolboy #physique (at Thirdspace Fitness)

Ideas for winter training!

Winter training is upon us, and everyone knows it can get hard to think of new workouts to do to keep it interesting. Luckily, I’ve found some ideas online from fitness instructors and Crossfitters to share with y’all. No more long boring steady-state erg pieces - now you can combine erging and circuits and get twice the amount of work done!





And just in case you did want to do some pieces, here’s a quick reminder on the correct form to maintain while erging:


If y’all do try any of these over break, make sure you take a picture and upload it to Instagram! Add the hashtags #ihatemybodyandwanttobreakit and #ienjoydamaging$1500workoutmachines so everyone else can see the work you’ve been doing!

Hope you all enjoy your winter break, and good luck with training!

SNATCH PRs!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

There is nothing more exciting and empowering than snatch PRs. Other than maybe getting my first muscle up.

A Christmas miracle I tell ya.

First of all, I’m not feeling fantastic. Head cold + janky knee (yes I made up a word). I went into the oly class thinking I wouldn’t even come close to a PR. So I made myself warm up extra with just the bar. Don’t move on until it’s right.

Coach fixed my setup position and off we went. Bam.

For singles or doubles - 65-75-85-95
Then whoops I loaded the bar lopsided but hit 100# anyway.

Singles - 105-115 (power by accident) -115-120 fail-120 

Previous PR was 110 for both full and power. I’m so happy. Another 2014 goal ✔️, just in the nick of time. Totally aware the 120# in the video is ugly. But it went up.

Since I’m feeling sickly, no metcons today.

Tempo deadlift 7x2 at 30X1

10 min EMOM
Max tempo strict pull-ups 30X1
(3 sec negative basically)
3s across the board for 30 total.

And shadowing my first class went well. They did the 12 Days of Christmas. Basically I tried to just help everyone get to the right stations since that’s a confusing one. Shadowing again tomorrow :)