190# OHS PR heyoooo!

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How can i lose fat eating correctly?

Eat more often with less quantities. It will allow you to feel full during the day. So you will avoid this "craving food" feeling, this is the worst (srs).

It’s important to have snacks between your meals ->

How to lose belly fat? ->

You wanna eat healthy? That’s for you ->

BOOOM, you got everything you needed. Keep it up anonybrah, we’re all gonna make it.



Tuesday felt like a Friday – in a good way.

Had my chiro appointment in the morning. Apparently my hips have moved slightly but not enough. If nothing significantly changes by Friday I’ll need a heel lift again. Ugh. I was feeling all sorry for myself about it because I just want my body to be fine on its own if that makes sense. I’m happy to do rehab and stretches and whatever, but I hate that I might have to wear this for an indeterminate amount of time and nothing will be resolved. And then I kick myself for being such a shit. Adam has had two ACL operations and can’t do a lot of things ever again. With this intervention I should be able to run pain free. Suck it up princess.

I went to Ikea and had a great time (ofc). I only bought three things – a replacement lamp for one I smashed so now I have a pair again, a stripey knitted throw and 3D Christmas tree cookie cutters. Awesome. I spent the trip sending HCB snapchats of all the weird things that “his people” are spruiking including this delightful fish pillow and these elf/Noddy shoes.

I rxd the weight for the WOD (two 12.5kg dumbbells) and almost the HSPU. I had just an abmat but I need to put plates on either side of it to rx. My coach is a hardarse and it’s great. He’s always pushing me to go heavier now. I PRed my strict press at 50kg (110lbs). Coach gave me a great tip to take my breath before unracking, back up, brace and BANG up went the weight after a couple of fails.

I also realised that my deadlift is now at 297.624 lbs (sounds so much more impressive than 135kg). So keen to get it to 300 now. I am a lot weaker in my hammies and glutes than in my quads (hence why my front squat is 82% of my back squat which is a little bit high). My back squat is 81% of my deadlift which is about 10% too high so there ya go. Hammies get to work.

Here have a bunch of selfies because my quads are hilarious and remind me of those old school riding pants (see comparison). Much bigger and I will need my jeans to have built in quad-pockets.

We did fun stuff at the box today. Unfortunately my knee doesn’t allow me to do much in this regard, so I’ll just keep doing what I can and look forward to when I can do more.

(Photo cred: my coach)

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