The Barbellas!!! A bunch of amazing woman!!! 365lb monster deadlift!!! Epic!!!

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So much emotion and badassness going on! Take a sec and really look at this pic! That’s the team I roll with! Everyone on that side and the opposite side was straight MDI! Ugh I am obsessed with my box I love these people! #crossfitmdi #mdi #mdigirls #barbellas #barbellainthemaking #waronwallstreet #theyareskrong #inspiration #iwannabejustlikeyou #pts #alltheweights #shekickedass #dedication #doyouevenlift #fitnessjourney #futurebarbella #girlsthatlift #crossfitchangeslives #myboxisbetterthanyours #somuchemotions #ilovemyteam #crossfit


Good things about Saturday: 1. Mandated butt-load of sleep. 2. All my friends are at the gym so I can socialize and sweat and feel good about both. 3. Not a huge time crunch for warming up or working out or getting work done. 4. Procrastinating hard sciences work with social sciences work because it’s 10x more fun and relevant.

Bad things about Saturday: Dining halls. Because of lack of demand, they close the good dining hall in favor of the crappy one that’s farther away, and it faithfully dampers my Saturday. This might sound extraordinarily spoiled, but oh my goodness, today was rough in the eating department. Do you notice a common food theme? Other than the selection relatively sucking (believe me, assembling this all was a nightmare- I had to bribe one of the chefs to give me sweet potatoes not dripping in a creamy topping), I’ve had four pieces of chicken with sundried tomato pesto because they have no other decent meat that isn’t on the paleo ban-list. The carrots were of sugared variety. The white bean-to-kale ratio was ridiculous. The normal spring mix lettuce was slimy and the only other topping aside from tomatoes, canned olives, yellowing cucumbers and frozen peas (?) was raw mushrooms. Remind me to crash at someone’s apartment in the future because this was annoying and frustrating and not worth the $13/meal meal swipe price. 

Regardless of the food rant, the gym was fine.

12:00 Snatch Complex

  • 3 Snatch-Grip Deadlifts
  • 2 Hang Squat Snatches
  • 1 Full Snatch
  • Weights: 45, 65, 75, 85 lb
  • Notes: I felt very springy under the bar, which was excellent. However, 12 minutes passed with a snap of the finger and we had no time to up the weight.

Partner Tag-In WOD from Hell, (~20:00)

  • 50 Thrusters (105> 85 lb)
  • 50 Overhead Squats
  • Notes: I convinced Bekah to join in on this with me and Anya, and we both agreed using 95 lb or higher would make everything impossible, so we settled at 85. Bekah and I swapped in and out until we both got 50 reps for each movement. I started with 12 OHS, then ranged from 5-7 reps for alternating lifts. Crippled wrists were the main factor here. I was a bit sad I wasn’t as cardiovascularly taxed, since there was a 1:1 work:rest ratio built in, but my quads and shoulders are smashed. The competitors mostly did this from 85-95 lb and finished around 22 minutes, or got DNFed. So that’s cool that with rest I could definitely keep up at a lighter weight. Huzzah.


  • 3:00 Max Double Unders: 182
  • Notes: This was programmed a couple days ago, but I only got around to it. Massive improvement on my part. 

Now onto a study party at the ag frat/ learning about epidermolysis bullosa. Possibly catching up on TGIF later. Lots of pigeoning. Lots of tea. Have a good night, friends!

Inches Lost

I just did my 6 month measurements.

So far I’ve lost:

1 inch-upper arms
1.5 inches-neck
7.5 inches-bust
12 inches-waist
6.5 inches-hips
1.5 inches-upper thighs

This equals 30 inches!!! I have built a lot of muscles too, so I’m thrilled!


mad-as-a-pirate asked:

Hey! I weigh about 220 and have always struggled to stick to a routine because my head gets in the did you persist? I get easily distracted and or I overthink it and get TOO obsessed to where weight loss is all I thnk about..

I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. I use to be that girl that every morning I was on the scale. While I was eating, I was thinking about what I would eat next. It’s like a disease or addiction. Here’s my advice:

1. If you’re into weighing yourself, weigh yourself in the morning right when you wake up (naked weight!). Put the scale away. I’m talking store it in a closet, don’t just slide it back to where you normally keep it.

2.THEN take pictures of yourself Front, Side, Back pose. Store them in a photo vault on your phone. Don’t look at them to criticize yourself. 

3.THEN take measurements. Google fitness body measurement chart to see where you place the measuring tape. Record this in a journal or in the notes on your phone for reference. 

Now give yourself 30 days. No weighing, pictures, measurements, nothing. Give it up cold turkey. 

4. Plan & Prep. If you’ve followed me for awhile you know I constantly post about “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. If you’re going to be obsessed over something, be obsessed over success. Obsess for 2 days a week. What I mean by that is two days a week, plan and prep your food. Spend 1-3 hours (depending on what you’re making) and prep your food, write out your snacks, build a lunch box to take to school or work, keep your snacks in your car for on the go so you don’t have the urge to stop for fast food. This will help you let go of obsessing over what you’re going to do next. It will take that stress and you know that you have good healthy food ready and theres nothing to worry about when it comes to your health regimen. 

5. Start small. A lot of weight loss failures are because people go too hard in the beginning. Don’t feel like you have to eat just chicken and broccoli and be in the gym 4 hours a day. Ya, you could probably do that a week at most then you’re going to completely exhaust yourself and quit. So start by cutting out junk food, and increasing physical activity. Go for walks after dinner. Park further away from stores to get a few more steps in. Try a group workout class once a week. 

6. Like I said before, obsess over success. Instead of zoning in on “weight loss” take your energy to health. Research clean, healthy new recipes. Start reading about how your body works. When you start reading about how your body processes nutrients, vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, etc. you begin to see a new perspective as why its important to live a healthy lifestyle. Familiarize yourself with your body. Hello! It’s like our car. Do we go and buy a car and not no what it does or how it works? No. We make sure we know about all the bells and whistles it has. Why should our body be any different? Learn about your body! Learn about importance of building muscle. Learn about fat (it’s not all bad!). 

7. Log. Log your food, what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you did for activity, if you had a bad day, why it was a bad day, why it was a good day, what you can do to make a bad day a good day. Be honest in your journaling. This helps when you are having trouble to be able to go back and see where you have come, if you’re having a bad day you can reference a good day to help you get back on track. 

Give yourself 30 days then weigh in, take your photos again, take your measurements again and see where you have come. 

You have to give yourself time and you have to be dedicated, but not obsessed. If you follow the simple principle of clean eating, increased activity in your daily routine, you’re able to focus more on other things and less on obsessing over it. 

Keep in touch and let me know how it goes.