Here is a new demo reel crossfade with newer songs from this year! 

I think I’ve really improved a lot over the years ;w;

0:00 - Ides ~Quen anw diasee~ (feat. Usachii)
0:20 - Goodnight Meteor (feat. Usachii and Coda)
0:40 - Dreaming Mary (feat. Usachii)
1:00 - Starry Wish (feat. Usachii)
1:16 - But I Love You (feat. Usachii)
1:50 - Aquarelle (feat. Lollia)
2:16 - Blue Dreams (feat. Usachii)
2:37 - Lacuna Rain (feat. Lollia)
2:56 - Painted Heart (feat. Usachii)
3:14 - nightmareish (feat. Usachii)
3:37 - Villanelle of the Blue Penguin (feat. Lollia)
4:06 - Bubblesphere (feat. Lollia)
4:30 - Sweetheart (feat. Usachii)
4:50 - KAIZOUMITUGI (feat. KT)
5:15 - Melospiza of the Star (feat. Usachii)
5:35 - Detective Master (feat. Usachii)

Kenna had been at the party for two reasons; to be distracted and to get drunk. But the people there were cookie cutter boring and although she was crossfaded, she couldn’t stand to be around them. She had tried to leave for over thirty minutes, but couldn’t find her purse through her haze and had found herself outside on the grass instead, staring at the stars counting all the constellations she could. Deciding she needed another drink, Kenna got up, bumping into another person by accident. “Jesus, fuck I’m sorry–” 

the weight of two years passing since the loss of my best friend finally hit me so here I am at Denny’s. I’m glad no one asked me in 2013 where I saw myself in two years ‘cause “at a Denny’s in Concord at 3 AM” would have been a really embarrassing answer. “La Bamba” is playing in here and some crossfaded dude is making up lyrics about pancakes and singing along and he’s all like “no one knows the fuckin words to this song dude” and I don’t know man I just came here for the hashbrowns

The Signs trying to do Calculus homework
  • Aries:bring it on! *looks at homework* nvm
  • Taurus:no you cannot make me do this you're not even my real dad I will DIE before I do this
  • Gemini:*nervously scrolls through tumblr while trying to ignore it*
  • Cancer:*cries*
  • Leo:hey u, yea u see these five bucks? they all yours if you do this quick lil favor for me
  • Virgo:suck my dick I've got this shit
  • Libra:too cool for school
  • Scorpio:*summons the demons of hell to give secrets of math*
  • Sagittarius:*too crossfaded to care*
  • Capricorn:*cries but kind of does it*
  • Aquarius:I will now acquire the enlightenment to fulfill my task
  • Pisces:we had homework???

Numark DJ2Go

Throwing an impromptu rave has never been easier. The Numark DJ2Go ($60) is a small — think keyboard-sized — DJ controller that connects to your laptop over USB, letting you DJ an entire set using real controls while carrying nothing more than your laptop bag. Features include two platters, a crossfader, pitch and level, Deck A, Deck B, Master, and Headphone gain controls, and compatibility with nearly any MIDI-compliant software. Finally, a reasonable excuse to bring your laptop with you to the club.


the world’s first bluetooth DJ crossfader (and they say the latency is zero)


One of the most creative uses of a crossfader I’ve seen in a long time.