AU Jersey/Kyle+Crossdess/Eric

Future AU too

WARNING: Mention of Sex, Cursing

"I want these shoes!"

Kyle hmm’d, half listening to the whine his boyfriend spewed and flipped the page of the news paper.  Eric, dolled up in makeup and in a nice sun dress, moaned some more while looking through the shoe catalog that laughed in his face because he couldn’t afford any of them. “This blue high heel would match my baby blue and yellow dress….Kahl, hurry up and get paid already!” Kyle’s bushy eyebrows deepened and  he looked over Eric with a scowl. “I just paid for the 30 shoes you ordered yesterday dude,” He huffed and continued his paper, “You’ll be able to get them at the end of the month, chill.” Eric pouted, grumbled and twisted up the magazine in his huge hands. “This is why I want to work, but noooo, I’ll take care of ya hunny, I’ll get you anything you want, babe!” He stood up and stomped in a bratty fashion to the refrigerator, “You don’t have to do anything but keep the house together because big asshole Kahl got you!” 

Kyle sighed and stood up from the almost broken chair. He walked over to Eric who was downing the milk carton and hugged his chubby asshole from behind. Eric sputtered and dropped the milk onto the floor as he was turned around and forced to lock lips with the man that he loved dearly. He moaned loudly in the kiss but quickly kissed back, biting Kyle’s pudgy bottom lip and coming his wild curly mess with his fingers, knowing it hurt Kyle a little because boy was he tender headed. Kyle broke the kiss but was still in Eric’s face, breathing heavily as he stared into Eric’s light blue eyes. “Chill. I’m gettin paid lots of money thanks to the promotion I got yesterday. You’ll get your shoes or whatever you want, babe.” He grabbed Eric’s wide ass in his hands. “I told ya that I’d take care of ya, so I will. A’ight?” Eric bit his own thin lips and nodded. Kyle smiled and smacked Eric’s ass hard, frowning at pointing at the spilled milk on the floor. “Now pick that shit up- You know how I feel about you drinkin that with no damn cup-,” “AY- This is mah house too and I can drink from whatever I fucking want to, Jew!” That earned another smack to the ass and Eric groaned, because it hurt but he also liked it of course.

Kyle rolled his eyes and sat back down, taking out a cigarette and lighting it up. “I’ma stop givin you money, keep acting that way.” Eric flipped him off but bent down to pick up the milk. “You’re so mean to me,” “That’s not what you were sayin when I was poundin ya last night.” Eric cursed and glared up at the smug asshole who exhaled smoke from his big nose. “You keep talking and there wont be any more ass for you to fuck, you fucking piece of shit.” Kyle shurgged. “You said that last night too…but what happened? Yeah that’s right.” Eric was heated and wanted to rip Kyle’s balls off. “Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to you sneaky Jew rat??” Kyle smiled up at Eric who was bending down to his face and laughed. “Will you stop bitchin?” Kyle put out his cig and crushed it in the ashtray. “I’m not bitching! Fuck you!” “Okay, I will!” “FINE DO IT THEN!” “FINE, GO TO THE ROOM AND ILL BE RIGHT THERE!” “FINE!” “FINE!” ….They both stood there staring at each other before busting out laughing. Then they kissed each other, Eric dragging Kyle by the tie to their bedroom, and slammed the door.


These are from this amazing little photo essay I stumbled across on the interwebs.

I just had to post them.  How could I not?  When I was young I wore several dresses very similar to these — and the expressions on these precious faces remind me of how I felt when I looked in the mirror and saw myself … as something other than what I imagined.  It wasn’t my idea at the time and I hated it at first.  Actually, I hated it for a long time.  But after a while … something clicked … and later … well, not only did I love it, but I became obsessed.  I guess I still am.

Life is kinda complicated, ain’t it?

Also, never underestimate the power of nostalgia as you get older. That can become an obsession if you’re not careful. *sigh*

Okay. So I'm ignoring other shit at the moment.

So, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with lovely people lately about gender identity, and I love the aspect of being versatile in both genders. Or just androgynous, that’s the word I’m looking for. And these lovely people are all very androgynous, so I, being the envious and vain person I am, decided to try my hand at cross-dressing deal.

Only really having nothing but make-up and a button-up shirt at my disposal, it essentially went from this:


To this:


I honestly don’t know if it could count as a distinguishable difference, but oh well.

I think I managed to give myself permanent jaw damage.


"Photography was a way of being able to participate in a world where I didn’t normally feel I fit in. I started photographing my children but quickly became known for capturing other people’s children as they were seen by their parents. I was in love with the challenge and process of connecting with my subjects. No matter how a photo shoot started, there was always mutual trust and respect by the end. Through this process I learned that energy, positive energy, is contagious, and what I was searching for in my life was coming through in my images. 

'The Many Faces of Hambone' was inspired by my mother's shallowness and how the emphasis on appearance stunted my emotional and spiritual growth. These images of my 9 year old son best illustrate my intent to show that a beautiful child does not translate into beauty within. I thank my mother now as I understand her own insecurities and lack of love for herself kept her from accepting me. It has taught me to appreciate my life and has inspired me to be a better mother, person and artist. He is not going to be a cross dresser or gay because I dressed him up; he is going to be a beautiful, independent, confident human being because I adore and accept him for who he is. I believe the photographs are beautiful, and my son looks pretty darn cute and convincing as a girl; the images individually and as a series are purposely and consistently meant to be emotionless and non contagious. The audience emotionally should be left wanting more.” - Hilary Mullarkey, September 2010

I stumbled across this amazing collection from a woman who photographed her son dressed as a girl.  Her philosophy in doing this project is both sad and inspiring.  What a fascinating woman and wonderful mother!  Oh, how I wish I had been raised by such a creative and understanding person. ♥