Alright guys. This is my before picture. Summer training for me starts Sunday- this summer I am making a commitment to not only my mileage but lifting, working on my core/abs, and eating HEALTHY! Let’s see just how fit I can get before cross country season starts!

Never would I have believed that at the end of the best cross country season of my life during my first year at college I would be injured for the next 5 months. Never did I think that being so close to a sub-18 5k would diminish in the blink of an eye. Never did I think I would be cross training, unable to frolic outside in the sunshine due to injury, more crying in a few month span that in my entire life, my faith questioned, my strength and character faltering. And to think that, I was hardly even running when the injuries took place, to have one injury, come back, only to be struck down by another for a long, long time.

I am still getting through. I’m working harder with rehab and recovery than I probably have for some actual training in the past.

But my GOD, yes God, thank you for bestowing in me strength that no competitor of mine will have unless they have gone through similar. Next time I am on the starting line, I will not be the same. I will never be the same. Because God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. And no great success has ever come without great struggle.

This will pass, no matter how long it takes, and through all the tears, pain, continuous setbacks, disappointment, anxiety, frustration, discouragement, and distress, will merge the best, strongest, wisest, most resilient runner that Christiana has ever been.

My time. It is coming. My time is coming and I will never, ever give up.

i rly rock this super-sleek, SUPER-dysphoria inducing look

yknow what’s funny is like everyone at the cross country pre-season meeting thought i was a boy bc i was wearing a jacket and stuff and then in june when summer practice starts i’m gonna show up and everyone’s gonna be like “why is that boy wearing pink. and boobs. wait wtf”

*sigh* i love being trans

I weighed in at 147.2 pounds this morning. At 5 foot 8 that’s only 5 pounds more than I weighed during cross country season in high school. I’m very happy with this and still think I have about 10 pounds to lose until I’m happy with how I look, but I’m still really glad. Happy Friday y'all!

Injuries suck

It’s almost been a month since my last meet and my last decent run.

I’ve been having problems with my lower tibia, and I think I may have a small stress fracture/stress reaction. I can’t believe it! I didn’t even feel it coming on.

I knew something was wrong when it wasn’t gone after the first two weeks. I ran on it a couple times *oops* to test it out. I didn’t take it seriously until recently, and I wish I would have sooner.

My college sent workouts this week and I had to tell him I was still injured. I just want to work hard this summer and prove that I belong there. I just have this burning desire to prove something because my cross country and track seasons ended so poorly. Hopefully I’ll be back at it by the time I graduate. But i don’t want to rush things.

At the moment I’ve been on the elliptical, bike, and doing resistance band exercises. & maddie is going to take me swimming on Saturday! I know the key is to just stay positive and learn from my mistakes!