Unusual Dutch Shepherd colors! This is a Liver DS! Puppy and then Adult. This was originally on facebook and on the Dutch Shepherd forum and I will have to find a link to the original post…ah wait here we go:

This is obviously a mix of course, but I’ve seen ONE other liver DS puppy that was on petfinder. Now I think if anything there must be liver GSDs or Dobermans somehow crossed in order to result in this color. But I though they look pretty interesting. I like Blue DS’s as well but these liver ones really stand out. Look at the radar ears homg. I was actually gonna adopt that puppy on petfinder but she was taken after a few a days, she was so pretty.

Rio de Hadas ch 18

So this chapter almost wasn’t tonight. I have had a really bad day with my depression, no friggin clue as to what set it off, but from 9:30- 1:00 I have had various styles of a continuous emotional breakdown. But I won’t get into it other than to say it was difficult for me to pick up a piece of chalk so I knew typing would be a bitch. But here I am because I lofe you guys… J

Once Marianne got Gunner settled and was certain Dawn had a good seat on the horse and wouldn’t fall off, she dove from her saddle and raced to the inferno that had once been a train car. She didn’t know what she would do once she got there but even if she had have had a plan she never would have gotten to execute it. Brutus reached down from his dun colored Clydesdale cross and scooped her up, keeping her from diving headlong into the flames.

“Let me go!” she screamed, kicking at him, but all her fight was gone and her little fists and feet barely phased the giant.

Finally, completely spent, Brutus lowered Marianne back to the ground. Dawn rode over with Sunny right beside her.

“M-Marianne?” Dawn’s soft voice brought her elder sister back a little. Marianne looked up at Dawn, her eyes red from the tears she had been unconsciously crying.

“Are you alright, Dawn?” she asked, putting her own pain on the backburner as she always did. Dawn slipped from the saddle, Sunny holding her hand from his horse so she didn’t fall, and helped her sister up pulling her into a hug.

“I’m fine, Marianne,” she whispered, “I was so worried about you. I thought Los Duendes had kidnapped you and then I find out you joined them…”

Marianne pulled back and wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her coat, “It was that or return with Roland.”

“He was bad news,” Dawn agreed.

Marianne smiled and reached into the pocket of her fringed coat. “I have something for you,” she said, her voice cracking from the emotions. Dawn looked at her confused until Marianne placed the object into Dawn’s outstretched hand.

“Mother’s necklace!” she gasped, looking up at Marianne.

The elder sister smiled, “I did promise to return it.” Dawn burst into tears at this and tried to put it back on quickly. Marianne glanced at Sunny, still on his horse. He quickly got the message and jumped down.

“Let me, Miss Dawn,” he said. Dawn looked at him in surprise but handed him the necklace that he gently clasped around her neck.

She touched the charm and then turned back to him. He gave her a weak little smile and suddenly found himself bombarded by the blond who flung her arms around him in a hug and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips. She pulled back and both were blushing fiercely but both very happy.

Marianne smiled, happy for them and turned back to the blazing fire. It was smaller now, dying down, but still a blazing reminder of what she had lost.

She had lost. She didn’t even realize it until she had lost it but Marianne had been slowly, reluctantly, falling for the leader of Los Duendes. Then Roland had to go and ruin it all again. She took a deep shuddering breath and turned back to the gang.

They were a mix of looking at the burning wreckage and at her. Of those looking at her the emotions ranged from sadness, to pity, to wondering what they would do now without a leader. Marianne knew what she would have to do and braced herself for the good-byes.

“Sunny, you and Dawn be careful. I know you love each other but it is dangerous out there for you two to be together. If you ever need anything, Sunny, you know where Los Duendes are,” Marianne said.

“Why does it sound like you are saying good-bye?” Dawn asked, sadness filling her voice, though she didn’t let go of Sunny’s arm.

“Because, Dawn, I am. I love you. And tell Papa I love him, too, but look at them,” she said, gesturing to the gang who looked on with lost faces, “They need a leader. I am the only one here they trust enough to lead them.”

Dawn looked over them and back at her sister. “Promise me one thing, Marianne,” she said taking her hand.


“Promise, you will come visit us often,” Dawn said, with that waver in her voice.

Marianne smiled sadly, “Promise.” Dawn hugged her tightly and let Sunny help her onto his horse. “Keep an eye on them, Pare.”

Pare nodded and looked at the fox who smiled up at her, “He will, too.” Marianne had been around Pare long enough to know what he meant and smiled at the fox, too.

She made her way back to Gunner, stroking his nose before swinging up into the saddle and turning to look at the gang. Her gang. Los Duendes watched her, awaiting their orders, knowing she was the best to lead them.

Taking a deep breath she spun Gunner and was about to shout out the infamous, ‘let’s ride’ when a gruff familiar voice rose over the noise of shifting horses and licking flames. A voice that made Marianne’s heart jump in ways it shouldn’t have ever jumped.

“Who the hell has my horse?!”

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Trying to figure out how my Animal crossing Mayor would look!
Obviously i would be a demon who enjoys killing villagers who decide to move away, and buries bones of the villagers and sometimes wears when bones of there victem.

Just call me the Skull mayor


So I was going to do everyone but then it got too time consuming and I lost my patience.. LOL. So have 8/12 god icons! They’re pretty simple and feel free to use.~  ❤(◕‿◕✿)