Last night at Fountain Square was pretty rad. Or absolutely amazing, rather. Bad Veins was fantastic and Protomen and Archer’s Paradox played pretty well too. I met up with a bunch of friends and it was all around a great time.  I’d have to say my favorite part of Bad Veins’ performance was when Ben went to walk around in the crowd during ‘Doubt’ (not just because it’s one of my favorite songs EVER) because there was a fence between the crowd and the stage, so Ben ran OFF THE SIDE of the stage and into the crowd, running and giving everyone high fives all the while singing into the mic.  But then he didn’t want to run around the other bands’ merch tables again, so he began pushing the fence towards the stage and the crowd helped, and it was so awesome because the security were getting so frustrated but they just let it happen begrudgingly.  Apparently one of the guards was being a jerk so I figured giving him some grief would be fun.  But it was so brilliant and fun and I can’t wait to see them again.  See y’all soon, Ben, Jake, and Stephanie.