Dragon Age 2 Companions by ~gravity-zero

Here they are! 

I’ve been slowly doing these for the last months and it was a lovely experience!

I guess I should call this studies, more than anything, since I relied pretty heavily on the reference.

Fenris, Anders, Merrill
Varric, Aveline, Isabela
Sebastian, Carver, Bethany

(each name has the link to the respective drawing I posted on tumblr)


gabbyshepard replied to your post: ooc:

((Coats. Stop being so sexy. Stop your face right now.))

[[I know right? *cuddles the Coats* presh babbu. He’s especially cute when he’s grumpy. Which is all the goddamn time.]]


 commanderemelineshepard replied to your postooc:

[ Dear sweet potato pie… I see him in the top one. Such an attractive man. ;v; ]

[[top one it is! I like them all I jut couldn’t choooose.  I’m probably going to play dress up in Polyvore in a bit eheh :3]]


 croissant-au-chocolat replied to your postooc:

*imagines Coats wearing any of these clothes* *faints* still! the first one, I think, although they are a bit too youthful looking…BUT WHO CARES ANYWAY BECAUSE COATS WOULD LOOK SEXY IN EVERYTHING and in nothing too ehehe *grabby hands*

[[CROISSANT PLS.  *clings*

Vinny-mun mentioned they’re a bit young looking but I think half of that is the collars being turned up.  Coats’ll have them down unless it’s absolutely chucking it down with rain so…. that’ll help]]

Madge Undersee by gravity-zero

"Madge. Quiet and kind and brave. The girl who gave me the pin that gave me a name." 

Madge Undersee from The Hunger Games

This didn’t come out exactly like I had planned and there are some parts that I don’t like all that much, but after all the time I spent on it and the adventure with dappled light (which is beautiful AND difficult ) I’m actually proud of it. At least for a few days I am XD

It was loosely (veeeery loosely - as you can see) based on Imogen Poots’ face because she’s gorgeous and perfect and she’s my ‘head Madge’.

And now I shall continue to cry over Madge  AND GADGE

Feel free to cry with me.

I didn’t know who to draw after Fenris so I showed my mom a pic of Varric, Sebastian and Anders, she chose Anders…and damn, he’s hard to draw correctly!

oh, and Maker bless his nose because it’s beautiful.

Kaidan Alenko and Nymeria Shepard, just being their sexy Spectre selves and stuff. 
Also known as: CITADEL MAGAZINE: Human Spectres - The Photoshoot.

Thank goodness for reference pics or I’d be seriously screwed.

Rose Shepard has been making my dash more attractive for so long that I decided it was time to draw her. It was also a bit of an experiment for me in terms of colour and skin and….colour…and..skin. Well.

I hope you like it Keeley! Since it’s all your fault - in a  good way. As you can see I went a little crazy with the freckles and the make-up…maybe a bit too much….buuuuuut -> Bonus: scars :D

Needless to say that Rose Shepard belongs to apostates!

Carth Onasi by *gravity-zero

One hundred years later, here ya go, Carth Onasi for you.

This isn’t actually 100% finished but since I can’t look at it anymore (sorry Carth, not your fault) I’m just going to put this out here. Maybe someone will enjoy it.

And yeah, the I totally liked the first sketch better. I just knew that was gonna happen.

Who knew the word “muhrrderr” could be so sexy *dreamy sigh*

Sebastian Vael, ridiculously handsome, ridiculously talented archer, ridiculously polite, with a ridiculously delicious accent - I could go on an on about how he’s ridiculous - AND HE’S A FREAKING PRINCE. I mean, go home Sebastian, stop teasing people.

And I mean ridiculous in the best way possible.