French because
  • Tu es affirmatif: le meilleur remède contre la gueule de bois, c’est le pain au chocolat.
  • Enfin : “la chocolatine” quoi. Ou pour 1% de la population : “petit pain” (…WTF guys!).
  • La personne qui a dit “croissant au chocolat”: tu sors !!
  • Tu es decu(e) que se soit Stephane Bern qui commente l’Eurovion…
  • Putain mais L’Angleterre à le droit à Graham Norton…
  • Comment ça on se tape Marianne James aussi?! … J’vais pleurer…
  • Du coup c’est officiel : la bouteille de rouge va y passer…

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How do you envision the Sand Siblings on a typical weekday morning routine? Would they wake up early or late? Breakfast a priority?

ohhh anon you have so good questions oh my gishgosh

gaara can’t sleep too much so he kinda rises with the sun and wanders around the house aimlessly until his sibs wake up too. doesn’t like coffee so he drinks green tea for caffeine and eats super little, like a croissant or something like that.

temari is kinda similar, but she wakes up around 9. likes coffee with milk, but would rather drink tea too. believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so eats plenty and very healthily.

kankuro is a night owl and also fucking lazy, so he kinda needs to be dragged out of bed around 3 pm. he doesn’t have a fixed diet, just eats whenever and whatever he feels like to. loves coffee tho, and will drink it at midnight too

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Hi Alice! I absolutely fell in love with your book. Actually, it made it onto my favorites’ shelf! I own a YA book blog, and I’m doing a paper on book covers. Could you tell me what you think of the cover of Solitaire? Is it like you imagined it? Do you think it represents accurately the story? What about the other editions of Solitaire? Thank you so SO much, I hope you can answer me! I'll send you the article! Have a great day, sending love and croissants from France xx

hey! so happy you liked the book!

i love the UK solitaire cover! it’s the perfect balance of being dark and serious (the black background, the bold white title), and colourful and intriguing (all the hearts and squares). it did surprise me when i saw it because i always imagined that the cover would be 1) blue or white (like snow), and 2) a lot plainer and more minimalist (more like the US cover, which i also adore). While it’s not what i imagined, I still love it.

The US one is very close to how i imagined the Solitaire cover, except again the colours are very different to what I expected. But I still love it because it looks extremely serious - more serious than the UK one - which is the most important thing. It’s a serious book, it needs a serious cover.


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one song: What I did for love - David Guetta f. Emili Sandé
two movies: Unbroken and…. i’m seriously lost. I don’t have another movie i’m crazy about atm, and Unbroken doesn’t really count too but it was better than BH6 (don’t hate me)
three tv shows: The 100, How To Get Away With Murder, Shameless
four people: i’ll go with rl people so… Richard Harmon, Taylor Swift, Kristen Steward, Alycia Debnam Carey
five foods: woah uhm natural dutch pancakes (the small ones), croissants… SERIOUSLY I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING. i’m not someone to get crazy over normal food really. so imma add like couscous, bread and noodles. yeah bread and noodles you read correctly. i eat that shit just like that without anything else and it’s glorious (i’m fucking weird i know)
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Reminding myself to focus on the things that matter today & invest in myself! I think I’ll relax and indulge in an #audreyhepburn movie. Also a croissant…you can never have too many croissants! #instagood #instalike #happy #treatyoself photo cred: @ourheiday how do you plan on investing in yourself today??

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one song: Warriors by Imagine Dragons
two movies: Maleficent and Gravity
three shows: The Legend of Korra (x10), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
four people: my boyfriend, marilynmay, serceniekwamie, trigonahypogea
five foods: Sainsbury’s hazelnut & chocolate croissants, garlic & honey chicken, chicken korma, chicken in wonderful sauce (local chef’s unique blend of satay-like sauces, apparently, and it’s heavenly), always and forever pierogi
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