Raleigh's "Lost Words" Drabble Prompts~

Send me a Word and Character/Pairing and I’ll Write a Drabble for it~

(Basically what happens on a very boring day when you own an Unabridged Dictionary

  • Amandation: act of sending away or dismissing
  • Amarulence: bitterness; spite
  • Amorevolous: affectionate; loving
  • Antipelargy: reciprocal or mutual kindness
  • Apanthropinization: withdrawal from human concerns or the human world
  • Assectation: act of following after something else
  • Bajulate: to bear a heavy burden
  • Bonifate: lucky; fortunate
  • Brabeum: reward or prize
  • Brochity: projecting or crooked quality of teeth

  • Cacozealous: imitating badly
  • Caprizant: of the pulse, uneven or irregular
  • Celeberrimous: very or most highly celebrated
  • Circumbilivagination going around in a circular motion; circumambulation
  • Commendaces: funeral orations; prayers for the dead
  • Cosmogyral: whirling round the universe
  • Crocitation: croaking; cawing
  • Deartuate: to dismember
  • Decutient: shaking down; beating down
  • Diffibulate: to unbutton; to unbuckle

  • Ecstasiate: to go into an ecstasy; to cause to become ecstatic
  • Embaphium: small vessel for measuring or serving medicine
  • Essomenic: showing things as they will be in the future
  • Fabrefaction: act of fashioning or making a work of art
  • Fallaciloquence: deceitful speech
  • Famelicose: often or very hungry
  • Fumificate: to make or cause smoke or incense

  • Gelicide: a frost
  • Gleimous: slimy
  • Gnathonize: to flatter
  • Graviloquence: grave speech
  • Halatinous: saline; salty
  • Hypenemious: full of wind

  • Igniparous: bringing forth fire
  • Impigrity: quickness; speed
  • Ingordigious: greedy; avaricious
  • Irredivivous: unable to be revived
  • Kalotypography: beautiful printing
  • Keleusmatically: imperatively; in an imperative mood
  • Kexy: dry, brittle, withered

  • Latibule: hiding place
  • Lubency: willingness; pleasure
  • Lugent: weeping; mourning
  • Magastromancy: magical astrology
  • Mancation: maiming; mutilation
  • Mariturient: eager to marry
  • Misqueme: to displease; to offend
  • Morsicant:producing the sensation of repeated biting or pricking
  • Murklins: in the dark

  • Nequient: not being able
  • Nerterology: learning relating to the dead or the underworld
  • Obrumpent: breaking; bursting
  • Occaecation: the act of blinding
  • Ossifragant: bone-breaking

  • Pamphagous: eating everything; all-consuming
  • Patration: perfection or completion of something
  • Perantique: very antique or ancient
  • Phoenigm: reddening of the skin
  • Pication: application of warm pitch to the skin as medical treatment
  • Quadrimular: lasting for four years
  • Quaeritate: to question; to inquire

  • Redamancy: act of loving in return
  • Rimestock: old almanac with runic writings
  • Roomthily: spatially; with respect to space
  • Scaevity: unluckiness
  • Scathefire: great destructive fire; conflagration
  • Senticous: prickly; thorny
  • Somandric: pertaining to the human body
  • Sparsile: of a star, not included in any constellation
  • Summotion: removal

  • Temerate: to break a bond or promise
  • Tenellous: somewhat tender
  • Teterrimous: most foul
  • Thysiastery: sacrificial altar
  • Traboccant: superabundant; excessive
  • Tremefy: to cause to tremble
  • Vacivity: emptiness
  • Vanmost: in the front; foremost
  • Venalitious: of the sale of humans as slaves
  • Veteratorian: crafty; subtle
  • Visotactile: involving both touch and vision
  • Vultuous: having a sad or solemn countenance

  • Welmish: of a pale or sickly colour

May or may not end up adding more words later.  Have fun with these~