Learn to Crochet!
Crochet Gif Tutorials: Invisible Decrease

The invisible decrease is slightly more difficult than the standard decrease, but it can look great in amigurumi projects - because you can’t see it’s there!

This stitch works in the front loops of the stitches only, which you should be able to see clearly in the first gif.

Good luck!

(P.S. You might notice that the stitch I end up with in this tutorial is very loose. This was so that I could clearly illustrate the technique. Try to crochet a lot tighter than this if you can, especially if you’re using this stitch for amigurumi.)


DIY Crochet Dead Fish Key Cap from Tanja Osswald at Ravelry here. This pattern costs 2 euros or $2.63 at Ravelry. You must sign up at Ravelry to get in to see the patterns - but there are so many good free and pay ones on their site. GIF by me using lilitupili's photos on Flickr here and my favorite GIF making program makeagif.com. Don’t like the dead fish design? Use a French knot for the eye instead.

Crochet Mandala. An Animated Gif by Sarah Zucker, 2013.

Part of a series of California-inspired mandalas designed for live VJ performance with Cayucas at their album release show at The Echo in Los Angeles tomorrow, May 9th.