Hey guys, I’ll try to make this short.

This is my kitten Meesha who we recently found out has a very large tumor (as you can probably see in the second picture). She’s not even 2 years old. As my mum only works a few hours a week and my dad is out of the picture, we’re really worried we won’t be able to afford the only treatment option: surgery. But instead of begging for donations and adding ads to my blog, I’d really like to earn the money I raise. So I’m starting a fund-raiser for little Ms. Meesha! 

I crochet amigurumi (basically little stuffed animals) like the ones you see below.

Those are just a few that I made for my family last Christmas (Mike Wazowski and Sully from Monsters, Inc. and a lizard). Other things I have made include: Barry from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, elephant, pig, cat, dog, koala, sloth, dinosaur, Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb, panda, penguin, dragon, turtle, rose, Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, Gunther from Adventure Time, and many more. I can make anything from objects to animals to characters. If you are interested, PLEASE CONTACT ME so we can discuss prices (which will depend on the size of the final product, shipping, etc.). These make great gifts from key chains to stuffed animals to little figures from your favorite TV show and I absolutely love making them.

Even if you don’t want one, please reblog this to spread the word. I don’t have a lot of followers (since my blog got deleted) so I don’t expect this to get notes, but please help me help my kitten out. Hugs and kisses to all the animal lovers out there.

C’est moi! -baby rooster
Finally received my copy of @insidecrochet ‘s latest issue!!! Baby rooster is so happy to see himself in it! Special thank you to the incredible @clairemonty1 who crocheted the rooster photographed and for another amazing issue!!! So happy with how it all turned out! Grab your copies now (the issue has an amazing collection of patterns!!!) #crochet #insidecrochet #magazine #feature #happy #rooster #baby #amigurumi #cute #kawaii #diy #crafts #animal

Good morning Loves!!! Check this out!!

I made a thing!!!

What do you think about my new scarf???

I love it!! Super snuggly!!

But wait… what’s this?

Hold on a sec….

Just one more…



What do you guys think about my latest project??

30 Day Crochet Photo Challenge List!

Here is the entire 30 Day Crochet Photo Challenge:

Day 1: Current Project(s)
Day 2: Last Completed Project
Day 3: Multi-Colored Project
Day 4: Solid Colored Project
Day 5: Crochet Hooks
Day 6: Amigurumi
Day 7: Pink
Day 8: Crocheted Scarf
Day 9: White
Day 10: Blue
Day 11: Crocheted Blanket
Day 12: Grey
Day 13: Amigurumi Animal
Day 14: Red
Day 15: Orange
Day 16: Holiday Themed Project
Day 17: Green
Day 18: Brown
Day 19: Item Made For Friend/Relative
Day 20: Item Made For Yourself
Day 21: Black
Day 22: Largest Project Made
Day 23: Smallest Project Made
Day 24: Crocheted Hat
Day 25: Purple
Day 26: Yellow
Day 27: Amigurumi Food
Day 28: Yarn
Day 29: Last Project Completed
Day 30: Current Project(s)