Meet Diega!

She is a juvenile female reticulated python, and she currently lives at the zoo I’m at. Diega is our longest snake, at a length of 20ft and is over 124lbs.

Like all pythons they are nonvenomous constrictors (meaning they wrap their powerful, strong coils around their prey and tighten every time their prey exhales, eventually leading to a death of suffocation or a heart attack). Reticulated pythons are the longest species of snake and reptiles. They however are not heavily built, and ofttimes are not considered dangerous to humans.

Incidents can occur, however none have occurred with this massive female. She prefers to eat goats.

Diega feasts a few times every year and she eats 48lb goats which is a great sight to see and draws in the public from near and far.

When Diega is not showcasing the shear size, strength and power of her species hunting and eating tactics. She can always be seen coiled up with her mate Regi and their daughter, right in the middle of our “Giants” section of the zoo!