Neki dječaci
  • Neki dječaci
  • Prljavo Kazalište

Neki Dječaci by Prljavo Kazalište 

Released in 1979, “Neki Dječaci”, or “Some boys” (some girls is also added in) in English, is considered to be the first openly pro-LGBT songs coming out of the former Yugoslavia.

The song was wildly popular within the country and it’s seen as one of the first songs brave enough to break certain “taboos” in Yugoslavia. Although the song is minimal and very simple compared to how large the LGBT community and its culture spreads throughout Ex-Yugoslavia (Also The Balkans as a whole), back then it was seen as a major step within the culture of Ex-Yu to get people talking more openly about Sexuality and Gender Identity.

(Click here for lyrics and translation)

Мога пак
  • Мога пак
  • Цветелина Янева
  • Мога пак

Всеки път щом наум си кажа ”има и добро във тебе” ,
сякаш бързаш да ми докажеш, че не е така.