eazy-ee said:

Let's talk about art and music and film and magic moments when you get to experience the beauty of the world yaaaz. When was a time when you experienced complete bliss and what were you thinking? What songs are you currently feeling, books you're reading, or movies you seem to find yourself relating to these days?

This is such a good series of questions, and it has been on my mind all day. During my travels of Europe last year I had many moments of bliss- the mountain waterfalls in Switzerland, dancing in the streets of Berlin, kissing my love under the stars in Florence, but there is one that particularly sticks out. After a night of adventures in Croatia, I found myself sitting on a beach, waiting for the sun to rise. While I sat there beneath the sky, next to the ocean, I felt really at peace with the world. Here I was, completely alone, thousands of miles from home, and yet so content. It was an amazing feeling. I didn’t need anything more than just the moment of seeing the sun rise on foreign lands. Happiness. 

In 2012 I had found a mountain range I wanted to scale before the year was out. I have a rule that i made with myself - if I ever failed an adventure three times in a season, I would take it as a sign to leave it alone for that year. Health and safety is more important than finishing a trail. This mountain range is truly beautiful. The mountain air is invigorating, the land feels magical, and your thoughts become clear. It is everything a person could want for the outdoors. On my first attempt conditions were rough, it was snowing, sub-zero conditions, the map ended up becoming unreadable due to the wet, and my two friends and I got lost. Somehow we ventured further than needed, and by the time we tried to correct, we were very weary. We must have walked 40kms of mountain trail that day, and were lucky to get out. On the second attempt I went solo. The night was filled with a big snow fall, thus the ground was knee deep in powder. The going was tough, just the soft sound of repeated steps into the white. After a few hours I felt a really bad vibe, and when I stumbled across fresh wild dog prints, I got out of there. It pays to focus on your feelings. I only had one more attempt, and took my brother and close friend along for the grand finale. Everything went perfect - the sky was clear, little snowfall during the week, and nothing went wrong. On those final steps up the peak, I felt an overwhelming sense of achievement and satisfaction and joy. It is difficult to describe but when you battle through so much and then reach the mark, pure ecstasy. Standing there and surveying the valleys and mountains below us, indescribable. Pure bliss. 

I watched Good Will Hunting last night, and what Robin Williams does in his role is incredible. That is a very inspiring movie, and like how it paints a picture of love that is realistic, something we need to do more often. There is line which really resonated with me ‘You’re not perfect, sport, and let me save you the suspense: this girl you’ve met, she’s not perfect either. But the question is whether or not you’re perfect for each other’.

I have been reading many things this week, but for that I could write on my thoughts endlessly. Thankyou for the prompt, very cool questions.