i love this song called ‘wicked little critta’ by they might be giants. the lyrics make me picture some kind of punk creature popping wheelies on a minibike

Thank you God for watching over David, he’s gonna be ok. These next few months are going to be some of the hardest, but you’ve got a community behind the both of you, that love you so much and would do anything for you boys. We’re gonna get through this, no matter what happens. I will always continue to support you David, and Jake, we’ve all had ups and downs with you but no matter what your one of the best friends anyone could have. We love you, Critta. Rest Easy💛

I’m just going to put a random vague bio of my fantrolls on here for reasons.

Cyanoc Critta (Female) Witch of Void
Campar Xihphos (Female) Thief of Space
Alphia Ingenu (Female) N/A

Rekkal Nathia (Male) Prince of Mind
Natvor Kahgeh (Male) “Hero” of Doom

Belynd Kathre (Bio-Female, bi-gender, accepts male and female pronouns) Rouge of Time
Arashi Cheval (Bio-Male, agender, they/their pronouns) Knight of Breathe

((My female trolls out number my male trolls and that’s only because Alphia was never suppose to exist she just kind of came into being on accident.

She literally has like, no involvement in the actual storyline, just Netvor and Belynd’s backgrounds and what not.))


Cyanoc <> Netvor
Belynd <> Arashi 

Campar <3< Rekkal (implied, requited but never initiated)
Belynd <3< Netvor (Unrequited by Netvor)
Alphia <3< Belynd (Unrequited by Belynd)

Natvor <3 Alphia (Former)