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Time you wasted is time you wasted. You will never have the life you want if you continue to hold on to the life you have. When you are doing what you love, work is play. Yes. sometimes you need breaks, we are all after all, human. But its easy to get distracted, to go back to old habits and old ways. This is something you must avoid at all costs. The same people telling you, you need to go out and have fun, are the same people who will be in the same place in life 10 years from now. People don’t know how to make sacrifices. They don’t get it.  They live too consumed by their own thoughts and feelings to put the actions they need to put into motion a reality. If you want to succeed you need to work. You need to outwork yourself, you need to outwork your neighbor. You need to outwork your idol. Good enough is for the fucking average. Dont ever take advice from anyone who isnt where you want to be. Who doesnt tell you things that pull at your heart strings. Dont donate your time to environments that you cant learn from. Yes its hard. Yes it sucks sometimes. But when you put something into the universe you will get it back 10 fold. Things will start happening that might not make sense to you, but it is just the universe doing its thing in reshaping your life. Feed the universe the things you want. Have a plan, so that when someone tries to tell you what you should be doing, you can care less. Becoming successful is not a dream. Becoming a multimillionaire is not a dream. You will only hear that from people who gave up on themselves. Becoming everything you want to be in this world is simply work. And if anyone else has been able to do it, then you can too!