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In a dimly lit ruin of a castle  a young man sat on a chipped stone throne, grinning to himself and rubbing his hands eagerly. 

"This time, they’re going to pay," Cristoval chimed cheerfully. One hand moved to run through the fur of a gigantic rat with many eyes that sat beside him. "This plan is perfect. So perfect that it’s…it’s…" 

His other hand went to his chin as he pouted in thought. 


A young man in a dark wine red attire jerked his head up from what would have been a peaceful sleep. He cast a sullen eye at Cristoval, looking him over in the same way a cat agitated from a nap would. 

Disregarding his blatant irritation Cristoval asked, “Sebastian, what would be a good word to describe my plan?”

"Facile," said Sebastian.

Cristoval nodded his head in approval and smiled. Before he could retreat back into the glamorous daydreams of his plan his smile twitched.

"What does that mean?" he asked.

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omg crying

"My servant and I might not agree on many things-mostly because he’s always wrong. But I think we can both agree that notion is extremely DISTURBING. WHAT.”

"I would rather cut my eyes out with a cleaver than side with Cristoval but I think this is ground where that figure of speech doesn’t apply.

Also, um. I’m how some put it, quite happily ‘spoken for’.” 


"Are you dressing up this Halloween?” Cristov asked with an air of amusement, he had never really dressed up himself, not for Halloween of course. But this was a new year and he was in the company of someone who might change his mind. “Don’t couples do themes or something?” It was a question of genuine curiousity and all of a sudden Cristov was glad that no one else was around, like Borislav, to tease him.


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