Cheesy statement, I know but I hope you guys get what I mean.

Love to me is so much more then only being in a relationship, it’s about caring and spreading joy and such, I wanted to thank a couple of people that has made my (almost) full year of Tumblr so much fun and I really care for you all, if you’re not listed and feel that you should be then I apologize for that, I am only human!

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Thank you for making me feel welcome on this site, that is all, sorry if I made things awkward! ^^;

Happy Valentine’s Day from Summer Eve and the mod!

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looking for a way to vector a beam, and waiting…

vector a beam? I’m uh, not entirely sure what that means, but alright

And good luck with the job thing! I’m sure you’ll find something o:


The speedraw for Cristails koipony is up.

shirohomura replied to your post “Alright, I’m kinda undecided so I’m asking you guys which sword do you…”

Seems like speed/dexterity vs strength/brute force. Without knowing anything about the character other than the look, I guess I’d say the first one.


askcristails replied to your post “Alright, I’m kinda undecided so I’m asking you guys which sword do you…”

the second one ;3

Sorry cristails D: