Once upon a time, in the faraway land of Eastwood..

There was a pretty lady by the name of Kurisu. And she was looking for Someone.

Now, pretty lady’s friend and loyal winglady Beany (a.k.a. me!) plied her trade during the day as an Ninja in Eastwood, and one day they met up for noms and Kurisu told her all about her awesome search for a certain Someone that she met at The Distillery who disappeared without a trace. Beany agreed to use her Feline-powered ninja skills to help her hot forlorn friend so that she could achieve happiness.

But they were unlucky.

They flitted from one place to another, carefully inspecting each person that they came across from top to toe. Beany made Kurisu relive each and every minute of the time she met That Person to see if perhaps she missed something. Even when they were not together, Beany and Kurisu searched far and wide, to no avail.

Then one day, outside the tower where the alleged companions of that Someone plied their own trades, something happened.

Kurisu and Beany had gone there to ask around regarding Someone’s companions, and met with disappointment. Beany decided it was time to go and Kurisu called her driver. Beany watched people as Kurisu gave instructions; random people, random people, man in orange eating chips while looking at Kurisu, random people—then a man passed.. A man who looked like James Hetfield, with a cranky face and a boatload of tattoos—a man who fit the description of one of That Someone’s companions! Kurisu had seen him too, and had forgotten all about her driver on the phone.

Dropping the call, they ran after him!

The man walked with much purpose in his stride, and he moved fast. They had to really work it in order to keep up. They lost him a few times, as he made his way through the park and into the mall.

Then they caught up with him. He had gone into Globe to complain about some problem with his phone.. a white Blackberry.

A WHITE BLACKBERRY! Kurisu and Beany were convinced this was it, he was really Someone’s companion. They would interrogate this man and force the location of Someone out of him.

But he looked so angry, even the Great Ninja Beany had second thoughts about about approaching him. This man looked like he had the strength of ten men and the ferocity of thousands.

Also, he had already spotted them.

Beany told Kurisu: I will strike up a conversation with this man. You will give him details about our search and I will push him to respond with my trusty blades.

After much ado about who would say what and how they would escape should he prove truly aggressive, they mustered up their courage and took the plunge.

Beany: Excuse me. We would like to ask you something, if that’s okay.

James Hetfield doppelganger: *grins* Okay.


It all finally ended, and he was the wrong guy.

And they realized that he was the wrong guy because—HE SMILED AT THEM. Which made him look like James Hetfield pretending to be a slightly neurotic Santa Claus, unlike That Someone’s companion who just looked plain cranky.

They thanked him and said goodbye.


PS: Or not. Kurisu is still searching, and Beany is still helping her. WILL THEY EVER SUCCEED????????

PPS: The man in orange actually popped up several times during the whole course of this Lolventure, despite the fact that I mentioned him only once. WHO IS HE???????

PPPS: I was going to make a comic strip but meh, not even enough time to breathe. But hahaha, once I do find the time, I’ll make one. :D

PPPPS: This post is a delayed Tumblrcast. Plz to forgive. Kthxbai!