Summary: Lucy takes a solo job, much to Natsu’s dismay.

a/n: takes place before sometime before the guild’s disbandment 

"Honestly, Natsu." The blonde rolled her eyes at her friend’s pouting, hands on her hips as she returned her attention to the items she’d laid out for her short trip. "I’ll only be gone for a few days."

Natsu tugged at his hair, becoming frustrated when he couldn’t seem to make the stubborn girl see reason. “But it’s not safe!”

She whirled on him, a dangerous glint in her eye to go with the scary, tight-lipped grin that was slowly making it’s way across her face. “You don’t think I can handle myself?”

The boy threw his hands in the air, feeling exasperated as he fell back against her bed. “No, it’s not that! I just,” he crinkled his nose. “I don’t see why you wanna go alone.”

For the first time since she’d brought it up, Natsu sounded more than just annoyed with her. Her expression softened, though only slightly so, when his tone finally betrayed him.

Natsu sounded hurt.

She turned back to her belongings, beginning to fold her clothes while trying to figure out how she was gonna fit everything into one bag. “It’s only a delivery job,” she said, trying to keep patient. “I’ll be gone two days tops.”

"But the area. isn’t. safe." The dragon slayer groaned, feeling as though he was becoming a broken record considering how many times she’d made him repeat himself in the last hour. "It isn’t just a delivery job when there are rogue mages hiding out with bounties over their heads!”

He paused, waiting to see if this would elicit any response from his friend, any whatsoever, but she seemed unfazed as she kept her back to him.

His eye twitched at her lack of concern.

"Their wanted posters have been plastered in the guild hall for over a month!"

"Don’t care."

"Lucy, please. Just let me go with you!”


Natsu clasped his hands over his head, desperate to come up with anything to convince the girl not to go alone. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head. “If we catch the guys, then your rent will be paid off for months!”

"Tempting," the blonde said, sounding not at all tempted as she folded a shirt. "But, pass."

Natsu picked up one of the blonde’s largest, frilliest pillows while she ducked into her bathroom to grab something, and while she was gone the boy pressed his face into the pillow and screamed.

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it’s so nice to find someone that goes out of their way to make you feel happy as fuck all the time and constantly tells you how beautiful you are and that they appreciate you so much. aw smitten, found myself the loveliest person ever🌝

not going to lie this was kinda horrifying. I’ve been studying all day so I totally had ZERO time to prepare for this LOL. one take and then DONE. I apologize profusely, I kinda half-assed all my dance moves OTL BUT I didn’t want to not upload one. so um. SORRY! boy group dances in a random order! yay! ._. Beep Beep - BTOB, Stop, Stop It - GOT7,  Hello - SHINee, HER - Block B, Overdose - EXO, Go Crazy - 2PM, Boy In Luv - BTS