Francis Heaulme was a french serial killer known as the ‘Criminal Backpacker’. He was convicted of murdering 9 people in total, although his true victim count is more likely to be around 40. Heaulme had an accomplice in a number of his crimes due to the fact that he suffers from Klinefelters Syndrome. This syndrome means that he has an extra X chromosome (XXY) and as a result has less muscle control and co-ordination than other men, as well as cognitive deficits in executive functions and susceptibility to certain health problems such as osteoporosis. Not only this but as a result of this syndrome he was incapable of committing sexual assaults, and on a number of occasions his accomplices would sexually assault the victims themselves, before Heaulmes would carry out the murder.

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You should change your name from Unite4humanity to fuckwhitepeople. It'd be more fitting for your blog. Rofl.

Why would I do that, when my father is white and so is my BF. 

Humanity would be a huge step closer to uniting, if racists would get a clue. 


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Of course you don’t know these things because you are far too busy worried that a stranger on tumblr highlights racism, without demonizing all white people…. just the racist ones. You can’t stand the fact that I have multiple degrees and professional licenses, actually taught criminal justice/policing/criminal law & procedure, and know the various ways that the system is racist. If you ask me, you are just one more person who can’t stand seeing a Black woman speak up. 


Power/Control Oriented Serial Killer

This type of serial killer derives profound satisfaction from the process of having complete life-or-death control of the victim. Current writing has often emphasized the sexual aspects of many serial murders, such as some of those committed by Ted Bundy. However, for many serial killers “the fundamental source of pleasure is not sexual, it is the killer’s ability to control and exert power over his helpless victims.” (Holmes & DeBurger, 1985)

This kind of control, sought by the power-oriented serial killer, is rightly perceived by the killer as ultimate power to determine another’s fate. The sexual aspects of murders committed by this type of killer are incidental, not central, to the killing. Rape, sodomy, or destruction of sexual anatomy, far from being erotic, are but expressions of power and control over the victim. Whether the victim is male or female, the brutality that often accompanies murders perpetrated by this type of killer will maximize and reinforce the perverted motives of power and control