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Man I knew I stalked you, Shoe, but damn xD
All the love for the wonderful Shoe who shares my love for butts, coffee, breaking bad, doctor who, and random shit. :)

crimesolvingpandas said:

✖ Because I'm socially awkward! And because you're pretty awesome :3 I guess you could say that I admire you. I love seeing your posts on my dash. Please don't cut me!! D:

But i’m socially awkward too, yo.

oh gosh dkfgjhdkg you admire me?


I won’t cut you, friend. YOU ARE AWESOME. I get a lot of notifications from you liking and reblogging my stuff ;D

I’m always watching


crimesolvingpandas replied to your post: I need to catch up on Elementary but I don’t…

I’m so behind in that show it makes me sad. I blame Hannibal for coming on at the same time.

I just tend to kind of fall off with shows because I don’t have a cable box in my room and I don’t like watching tv in the living room.


crimesolvingpandas replied to your post: Anon opinion of you? Here ya go. You’re an amazing friend. You’ve helped me through a lot, and I don’t know if I’d be doing as well as I am without you as a friend. It feels amazing to know that if I need someone to talk to, I can just message you and vent about my stupid issues. Thank you, for everything :3 

I love ya tooooo!!!!! I just realized I could have done this off anon, but oh wells. the thing said anon opinions hahahaha. <3

awww you are just my favorite! <3 I figured it was you, honestly :]