Good Guy With Gun Tries To Kill Neighbor's Barking Dog, Shoots Wrong One

Good Guy With Gun Tries To Kill Neighbor’s Barking Dog, Shoots Wrong One

A man described as a “prominent” Washington state banker was so enraged by his neighbor’s dog’s barking that he grabbed his rifle, walked across the street and shot it death in front of the family. Over the terrified screams of the family, a dog could still be heard barking in the distance. He shot the wrong dog.

According to the dog’s owner, Loyce Andrews, their neighbor, 55-year-old David…

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Cody Legebokoff sentenced to life on 4 counts of 1st-degree murder

A B.C. Supreme Court justice in Prince George, B.C., has sentenced Cody Alan Legebokoff to life in prison with no parole for 25 years on four counts of first-degree murder.

The 24-year-old was convicted in the slayings of Loren Donn Leslie, Jill Stacey Stuchenko, Cynthia Frances Maas and Natasha Lynn Montgomery, who died in 2009 and 2010.

The courtroom was packed for the sentencing hearing Tuesday as the Crown asked the serial killer to be placed on the National Offender Registry List.  

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Glen Parrett told the court this case was one of his most difficult tasks, given the horrendous nature of the crime.

An emotional Parrett , his voice cracking during sentencing, had to pause and reach for a glass of water before continuing. The B.C. Supreme Court justice said there was no reasonable doubt as to who had murdered the victims — three women and one girl.

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Remembering Dunblane: Mick North: His five-year-old daughter Sophie was killed

”! was in my office at Stirling University. It was already 11am by then and one of my colleagues came to the door and said had I heard there had been a shooting.

(He was told to wait in the staff room with other parents from Primary One.]

I heard at 2:45pm. One of the things about that time we spent in the staff room – although everyone was very tense, we were waiting very calmly – was being frustrated by a police officer who kept telling us we would have information in two minutes and never coming up with it.

It was more like two hours. As soon as they told me that 16 children had died I knew that Sophie was one of the ones who had died.”


[Update]: "Someone's Lyon!"


"Well, this caper has taken an interesting turn, has it not?  With all due thanks to Mr. Gaines, we’ve come across a puzzling scenario: Mercer Lyons was killed and two people claim to have done it.

Not being one to share my own thoughts on a case before it is time to conclude it, I nevertheless believe it would be in everyone’s best interest if you were to be made aware of the pieces as they lie for the time being.”


  • Name: Hershel Gaines.
  • Relationship: Erstwyl’s assistant.

While I am not above considering anyone potentially culpable in a matter, I believe we can assume Mr. Gaines had nothing to do with this particular crime.  After all, he was with me — an alibi that might not hold much water were it not for the fact I’m positive I did not see Mr. Lyons’ demise.  

Hershel has been instrumental in gathering what we do know about the following: Sister Francesca, the late Mr. Abner Munk, Miss Helena Crane, Mr. Lionel Stockton, and Dame Marian Vlies.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we?”


  • Name: Sister Francesca.
  • Relationship: Suspect.
  • Motive: Uncertain.  
  • Synopsis: Sister Francesca was impatient with the crime scene.  She stated that detaining her was illegal (which is true!), but was pacified when a series of letters exposed an illicit relationship with someone undisclosed.  When pressured, she confessed to killing Mercer Lyons with an arrow.
  • Considerations: An arrow would make the most sense when considering the puncture wound.  She has also been hostile and aggressive, but doesn’t seem particularly inclined toward violence.  Also, the bow and arrow were found that did the killing.  How would she have moved the shelf?  The bow is also very difficult to draw and she doesn’t seem very strong, does she?


  • Name: Abner Munk, deceased.
  • Relationship: Suspect.
  • Motive: Unknown.
  • Synopsis: Abner Munk, prior to become the late Abner, confessed to killing Mercer Lyons.  He was covered in blood and had an axe that seemed to have been used recently.  Upon being questioned he revealed that he did not know the details of Mercer’s death.  By the end of questioning, he declared that he had done it once more and then killed himself!  Shouldn’t he have had that dagger removed?
  • Considerations: Even if he didn’t do the killing, he seemed likely to know who might have done it.  


  • Name: Helena Crane.
  • Relationship: Suspect.
  • Motive: Unknown.
  • Synopsis: As the only outsider in the group, Hershel deduced that she must have known something.  The usage of the bow and arrow did make this expert markswoman seem a likely candidate for guilt, but she proclaimed innocence and even offered references which were able to clear her name.  
  • Consideration: It would be a little too easy if she had done it, wouldn’t it?


  • Name: Lionel Stockton
  • Relationship: Informant.
  • Synopsis: According to Mercer Lyons, Lionel was his connection to the hunt for the Crown Knights.  He seems to be eager to see the case closed for some reason, but that might just be his terse nature.  Additionally, he has accused two others of being guilty thus far.
  • Consideration: There is more to this man than meets the eye, but what?


  • Name: Marian Vlies.
  • Relationship: Dawnguard attending the scene.
  • Synopsis: Dame Marian has been courteous and has offered to help however she might.  I was initially suspicious of her, but Hershel was able to confirm that everything she said held true.  She has been sent on behalf of Sir Arval Lichter.  Perhaps we should speak with her once more?

So then, those are the suspects, but what of the evidence?

  1. Bow and Arrow: The bow and arrow are fairly refined, indicating that the archer that used them was not a happenstance marksman. Perhaps someone in the room might know what to do with them?
  2. Romantic Letter: Among the many pieces of paper that are upon the table a particular note stands out. It seems to be written by a woman. Some parts of it could be steamy if… well, you understood exactly what was being said but other parts deal with plants? Having no interest in nectar, petals, or honey, Hershel fights to make some sense of this passage.

    Ochone, but for the whispered promises that past your lips, I might well be forgiven my thoughts of the whispered promise of those sheets. You are a terrible creature, to so corrupt a lamb of the Light without shame. Had I any sense, I would distance myself from one as taken with this gross perversion as you and yet, I shall not. I cannot. If she were to discover what we have done, I do not doubt she would lash me in manners that not even your kisses could soothe.

    Though, I am certain you would find means by which to quiet my sobbing if only to hear a more profane sound come of me, beast.

    There are sermons to be conducted for those abroad, but there is a window in which we might meet. Please, do not leave me without again.  Oh, Light, if only I can be forgiven for what I will do to you once we are alone once more.

    The letter is signed from “F.A.”
  3. Mercer’s Corpse: After chasing a lead pertaining to the Crown Knights into Dawnhaven, the brave Mercer Lyons met a bloody end. There is no sign of struggle around him and the weapon that claimed his life seemed to have come from his back. It appears to have been a small puncture wound that finished him off. More than likely, he was not aware he was on the verge of death until it was too late…

"That is all we have on the case for now.  Should more be discovered, I will be certain to update you on it.  How strange it is to have only started to investigate and have two confessed culprits for a crime that neither likely committed.  Getting to the bottom of this will be a treat, indeed!"