The Final Moments Of Regina Kay Walters

Regina Kay Walters was a 14-year-old girl from Pasadena, Texas, who was murdered by a notorious serial killer, Robert Ben Rhoades. One of three victims—although Rhoades claims to have killed more—Walters was the unfortunate exception in the way Rhoades toyed with her. Rhodes cut her hair, dressed her up, and took pictures of her in distress—the most saddening of which is the picture you see above.

Robert Ben Rhoades was captured in September 1992, but not before taking two more lives. He was sentenced to life without parole and remains imprisoned in Texas to this day.

The picture of this young girl in her final moments—dressed, altered, and stranded with a monster like Rhoades—is a difficult thing to look at. The forceful nature of the lens being pointed at Walters and the look of desperation on her face make this picture a hideous display in human torture—a cat playing with a mouse. An image that will forever mark the breaking of one man’s psyche.

“She was giving me oral sex, and she got carried away…so I choked her.”

Arthur Shawcross was an American serial killer who was responsible for the murders of a dozen prostitutes. Recorded as having an extremely low IQ, somewhere between 86 and 92, Arthur served in the Vietnam war where he witnessed a number of unspeakable atrocities. In 1972, he was imprisoned for the rape and murder of two children. He was released on parole after psychiatrists concluded he was no longer a threat to society. After a year of being a free man, Arthur would go on to commit a horrifying murder spree between 1988 and 1989, primarily targeting prostitutes. His victims were killed by strangulation, and one of them, who was neither a drug dealer or a prostitute, had been strangled, anally mutilated after death, had her labia removed, and was gutted from throat to crotch. In total, his victim count was 14 including the two children he was previously convicted of killing. Arthur was given a life sentence, and died in 2008 after complaining of pain in his leg. 

The Bjork Stalker

21 year old Ricardo López was a pest control officer who attempted to kill Icelandic singer Björk in 1996. Over a nearly nine-month period, López made a video diary at his apartment wherein he mused about Björk and various other topics while making a letter bomb rigged with sulfuric acid intended to kill or disfigure the singer. 

On September 12, López sent the package to Björk’s residence in London, returned home and filmed his suicide. His decomposing body, along with his video diary and handwritten diary detailing his plot to kill Björk, were found by Florida police four days later. After viewing the tapes, police contacted Scotland Yard, who intercepted the package without incident.  

(His videos can be found on YouTube and other video sharing sites. However, they are very disturbing and graphic.)

Lust Murder

Lust murder is a subcategory of sexual homicide in which perpetrators sadistically and brutally murder their victims to achieve ultimate sexual satisfaction. They typically repeat their killings, thus constituting serial murder. Despite the serial aspect of these killings, lust murder still remains a distinct subcategory of both sexual and serial murder. It is also referred to as erotophonophilia, one of the most extreme forms of paraphilia.

Paraphilia is defined as sexual deviation in which the paraphilic individual seeks unusual sexual objects, rituals or specific situations to achieve full sexual satisfaction. There are a number of essential elements to paraphilic behaviours, including fantasy, compulsive masturbation and facilitating agents such as alcohol, drugs and pornography. The fantasy system of the individual is a vital component in facilitating paraphilic behaviours and becomes increasingly violent over time. Lust murderers associate sex with aggression, and common themes to their fantasies include power, domination, molestation, revenge, rape, torture and the humiliation and suffering of others.

Pictured above: Serial killer Ted Bundy whose crimes exhibited a number of hallmarks of lust murder

In regard to control of the dangerous [and mythical “criminal class”] there are no techniques for distinguishing which small number of a much larger class of individuals will continue to perform dangerous acts; holding the entire class in detention amounts to holding a majority of harmless people needlessly. Moreover… this highly unjust practice is of minimal benefit to society because the number of unapprehended or unidentified lawbreakers in any given crime category is always much larger than those identified or in custody. Also, society has responded almost exclusively toward certain types of offenders, such as thieves, rapists and murderers, but ignored almost completely larger numbers of persons who are much more dangerous, such as those who make and profit from war, unsafe automobiles, and contaminating pesticides.

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Straight white boys are guilty for 90% of crimes all over the world. Get off your high horse and get back to reality.

That’s … Just look 

You’ll notice that no one race is collectively responsible for all these crimes. It seems like the rate is spread out evenly across all races, granted, these stats only apply to the United States, but still. 

Your claim is hilariously out of proportion.  


Cleveland’s valiant Police protecting their city from agitators displaying a lack of understanding of how the criminal justice system (and life in general) works.


Paradise Lost The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills.
Original two sided postcard advertisement for the release of the first documentary from HBO on the West Memphis Three child murders.
The three convicted killers; Damien Echols, Charles Jason Baldwin and Jessie Lloyd Misskelley Jr. have been released from prison, though their convctions not overturned.

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(partially illegal) things the signs wish they could do:

aries: how many people can i hit and run today? i reckon 11293871

taurus: woah, my neighbour has a really nice table… i like that table…. wow that table looks so great in my house once they see it they wont care how i got it

gemini: how many times can i lie my way out of a speeding ticket in one day…

cancer: i said that potatoes i bought were onions oh my gosh i’m so evil

leo: illegally download clothes? fuck yea

virgo: do you think i could order a bunch of dildo’s to my old math’s teachers PO box? imma try

libra: lets break into the aquarium.. they can only arrest us if we actually cause damage right?

scorpio: can i just stab that bitch? please? just once? no? oh woOps she’s dead

sagittarius: the security guard over there looks friendlyish “hey, can we just walk past here to get to where we’re going.” “no.” well fuck

capricorn: anything illegal because they know they could get themselves out of jail if they had to

aquarius: can i convince everyone i know to elect a dog as president? i think yes

pisces: wow why’s everyone so tired today? maybe i should hand out free brownies……

White-On-White Crime Strikes Again In Waco

Following a spate of white-on-white violence over the weekend in Waco, Texas, that claimed nine lives and resulted in scores of casualties and over 190 arrests, there has been a marked lack of interest in talking about where the event fits into the epidemic of such white criminal behavior in the U.S. – despite the fact that every year, more white people are murdered by white people than by any other group.

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Kelly Bates was an English girl who started dating a 48-year-old man named James Smith when she was only 14. James had a long history of abusing his girlfriends, and Kelly would come to taste the worst of it. In 1996, when Kelly was 17, her partner tortured her over a harrowing period of four weeks. She had been beaten, burned, and starved; her kneecaps had been smashed so she couldn’t walk, and she had been stabbed with scissors, knives, and forks in multiple areas of her body, including the inside of her mouth. He had crushed both of her hands, mutilated her eyes, ears, nose, eyebrows, mouth, lips, and genitalia, partially scalped her, and gouged out both of her eyes and stabbed the empty sockets. James finally ended the poor girl’s suffering by drowning her in the bathtub. He received life imprisonment, and every single member of the jury were offered and accepted counseling for being shown the gruesome evidence in the case.