Is there more Colorado weed in the mail? Report says yes

DENVER (AP) — The amount of Colorado marijuana being seized en route to other states through the U.S. mail has more than quadrupled since 2010 and was destined for more states than before, according to a new report by a federally funded drug task force.

Postal inspectors seized more than 493 pounds of pot from packages in 2013, up from 57 pounds in 2010, the year after medical marijuana dispensaries proliferated in Colorado, according to the figures released this month by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

In 2010, there were 15 packages bound for 10 states intercepted by inspectors, compared to the 207 parcels destined for 33 states in 2013. Top destinations were Florida, Maryland and Illinois, the report states.

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Littleton Colorado SWAT Callers Caught in the Act

This audio was recorded at 15:17:38 Pacific Standard Time on August 27, 2014.

This video contains audio capturing Internet criminals known on as @ScrewPain and @spiky discussing “swatting" popular YouTubers "The Creatures”. This audio captures the last eight minutes of what was a thirteen minute livestream put up by @spiky, who had intentions of “swatting" popular YouTuber DanzNewz and his family.

The criminals in question can be found here:  (the one who made the SWAT call that got Kootra arrested Vid:  (the one who attempted to make a second SWAT call to get DanzNewz and his family arrested)

Please, share this post ASAP. It’s very important! Let’s prevent any of this act to happen again for the sake of the victims/relatives, and for the sake of everyone else.

You can submit this audio recording to the FBI  at this link:

Thank you.

Aundrea Garland was spending the night with a friend at a home on Edmore Drive when a red Saturn pulled up and a man, armed with a high-powered weapon, and started shooting at Garland as she stood on the porch.

‘The girls were inside, then they were outside on the front porch. The next thing I knew, I heard gun shots,’ said the mother of Garland’s friend. ‘I ran outside and laid down next to her and she just kept telling me, ‘Tell my mother I love her.”

‘They killed my baby, they killed my baby. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her,’ said Garland’s mother, Margaret. ‘She was finishing up school, starting her senior year. She loved to sing and was just so beautiful.’

Woman killed, 3 others hurt in shooting on Detroit’s east side,’

The latest mass shooting in America, where all the guns keep everyone so safe.

Video Of Police Tasering Black Man In Front Of His Kids Is Both Heartbreaking And Infuriating

Video Of Police Tasering Black Man In Front Of His Kids Is Both Heartbreaking And Infuriating

As a writer, you try to keep my distance from the stories you cover, but I have to admit this one got to me. There is something so stunningly inhumane about the way the police treated this man. Something so tragic about the way his children had to watch as he was brutalized at their hands for no clear reason.

As a child, there is something heroic about your parents. You look up to them. To have…

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