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Now you've found your cat you watch the appropriate Arthur related media like Search for Pal

ok you know what

a few years back, me n arthur-recaps and tumblr user formerly known as everyonelovesbuster watched the movie Arthur’s Missing Pal. while we were watching that movie, my cat crawled into my lap and fell asleep. i had pins and needles all up n down my legs but i didn’t move her because she was so comfy. i was looking down at her fondly, full of love, the way i imagine parents feel about their children. my dear sweet cat, i thought to myself. my most beloved.

so fast forward to last week, when i came onto this blog to make a post about my missing cat. i suddenly remembered that moment, watchin a movie about a missing pet with my own pet on my lap and how i thought about how devestated i’d be if my cat ever went missing,

and i fuckin cried.


JOHN: originally, we didn’t know we couldn’t keep lizards/amphibians/anything other than dogs and cats in the apartment we moved into.

JOHN: so, one day someone complained and we got a notice that if we didn’t get casey a new home in 2 weeks or less, they’d have to take action themselves.

JOHN: of course, my dad said he’d take care of her, but my dad lives 3 hours away from us. so i couldn’t see her easily, and it was basically like losing a kid to me, even if that sounds dumb.

JOHN: i was really upset, of course, and for the first few days i didn’t even want to get out of bed.

JOHN: dave got me a kitten to cheer me up, and it’s probably one of the nicest things he’s ever done for me, tbh.

JOHN: i named him doctor meowgon spengler. (after egon in ghostbusters, sue me.) i call him meowgon for short.

JOHN: dave calls him doc because he’s a back to the future dweeb.

hello everyone do you remember this sastiel au idea i told nicole a while ago of course you don’t know because i never told you but i’m telling you now so you need to fucking write it oh my god it kills me inside every time i look at it because i want it a lot and i’ll never write it in its entirety

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[cries over sad barduil headcanon]

[cries over sad fili and kili gif]

[cries over funny cat video]

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DeadSpider (Wade/Nat)

who’s the cuddler: WADE WILSON. Natasha will nudge him sometimes, especially after a bad mission, though.

who makes the bed: Natasha, but tbh, it’s unmade most of the time meeuheuhe

who wakes up first: Natasha, and she likes to draw things on Wade’s face bc he sleep like a rock

who has the weird taste in music: WaDE what is that sHIT

who is more protective: BOTH.

who sings in the shower: Both, again. Only Wade kinda likes to scream and stuff

who cries during movies: Wade. Pregnant!Nat cries over food, and cats, and belly, tho

who spends the most while out shopping: Natasha

who kisses more roughly: Natasha

who is more dominant: Natasha

my rating of the ship from 1-10: look at me in the eye and repeat after me; 243254534