Vintage Rose Piece by Michelle Clement
Via Flickr:
I found this thrifting a few weeks ago and just re-discovered it in a pile of doilies on my desk. :) yay! It’s a beautiful needlepoint pillowcase front - unfinished. I’m contemplating making it into a pillow or framing it for my needlepoint wall/collection. :) It’s sooo pretty! Blogged: <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>…</a>


Life lately:

  • Bought many books and  I’ve actually managed to (finally) finish one which is The Falconer by Elizabeth May. And holy macaroni, it was a great read! I’m currently reading Crewel by Gennifer Albin, I’m about 50 pages in and I think it has a potential to get my heart
  • Meet my babies!! Claire and Taylor, aaah! They’re a handful (especially Claire) but I love them. I don’t think I’ve encountered boredom ever since they came. Or maybe I’m just too caught up in my mom’s schedule of going out every now and then.
  • The reason why I got so many books is because the bookstore near our place was having a 3-day sale, and I couldn’t just pass it up. I literally drove there every day just to check out if I missed a book, or if they added new books. 
  • My cravings for new sneakers are getting worse. Sigh @ having no money 

Crewel Work - February 2014.

I am a little behind with the blogs but it has been a busy few months.
February saw us working on crewelwork embroidery using woollen threads on linen.  This is always a popular technique and there was a full house of students, some new to the technique and others who’d done it before so there were two projects on offer.  The more advanced version was designed to show the variety of filling stitches whilst the beginners’ piece had more linear work.

Je suis un peu en retard avec mes blogs mais j'ai eu des mois très chargés recemment.  En février nous avons travaillé sur la broderie crewel, utilisant des fils de laine sur un fond de lin.  Cette technique est toujours populaire est la classe a été complet.  Quelques étudiantes étaient de retour, ayant fait ce style de broderie avant, mais d'autres étaient les débutantes donc j'ai proposé deux projets.  La version la plus avancé a été conçu pour montre les points de remplissage et l'autre a eu plus de points linéaires.


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