PSA TIME! :))))

Hi! So, there’s news floating around that Shadow may be dating a girl named Maya, who’s apparently in his streams often and they follow one another on Twitter. Before I say anything, there is no for sure. It’s plausible but it is not confirmed. Therefore, do not harass her about it, do not ask Shadow, do not do anything of the sort. Shadow and Maya’s business is their own. If they so choose to come out about their possible relationship then fantastic. Even then, do not harass them blah blah, we’ve been over this. In finality, it’s really not a big deal. Don’t freak out or annoy them about it. 

The Q-The Queer App

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So I’ve been invited by Crew (an invite only company that works with Fueled) to create an app. It comes from the idea that I there are all these social apps for meeting people (OKCupid, Tinder, so on so forth) that, while they do cater to the LGBTQIA community somewhat, are not specifically FOR the LGBTQIA community. I believe that there should be an app specifically for the queer community, and it would cater to ages 13+.  You would have your profile, similar to OKCupid where you have your display name, gender, pronouns, and sexual/romantic orientation. There would be age groupings so that minors would not be able to talk to someone they should not be talking to. So like…13-15, 15-17, 16-18, 18-Onwards. Something like that. However, that being said, it wouldn’t just be a social app where people in the queer community could meet/talk to one another in their area or even beyond. It would also have a type of blog feature, offering help for people in the community with topics such as “Who can I talk to about how I’m feeling about my gender/sexuality?” “24 hour mental health hotlines.” “How to tell my parents/friends I identify as queer?” etc. There would also be a feature where people who are older and have been in the community longer could offer messages of support or their stories to the up and coming queer generation. There would also be a kind of forum, where people can post whatever they’d like (Questions they have, gatherings that are going to happen) and get feedback from people in the community in their area. I feel like this app would be useful, since there really isn’t an app that is specifically for the queer community. But I’m wondering if this is an app anyone would be interested in? Like would it be used? If so, I’m going to start a Kickstarter, because the recommended budget for this is 35k, and seeing as I don’t have money, that wouldn’t be possible for me to just whip out that much money. So yeah. I feel like this app is super important, and could be helpful to so many people.