Great rowers are physiological freaks; but, that quality is minimal compared to their psyche and to their ability to essentially experience pain - and experience discomfort - and yet be able to do the work knowing that it’s going to continue.
—  Fritz Hagerman, Sports Physiologist

This whole putting each other down when we should be united as a team is getting real old.

1. Bow seat you are important, we need you for your technique yes, but you are also STRONG
2. Power house you all are amazing and you have good technique too, we all improve our technique

3. The rumor that 3 and 4 seat are unnecessary, completely false. Everyone adds to the boat.

4. Coxswains, you are athletes, you are important members of the team, don’t put your worth down.

5. Novices, you are the future of the program, you are important and you will improve. None of the recruits or veteran members became who they are over one season.