Yesterday I had the honor of being on hand as REKER, PADAE, and AKNEW painted a tribute to two fallen soldiers in Philadelphia’s historic graffiti scene.

 I was extremely humbled when I got the chance to speak with and offer my sincere condolences to the families of both MEN and CRESE. They were all absolutely wonderful and kind people, bonded together by the untimely passing of two men. I had met both MEN and CRESE only one time, but both were very kind, generous, humble, and kind. 

To me, this tribute represents a lot of things. Obviously it’s a tribute to the lives of two men for the community and their families. However, it’s also a symbol of how graffiti and the art attached to it can help us all grow together as a community, and build bonds that strengthen us rather than drive us apart.

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I recently received word about the passing of CRESE (UGF).

I was fortunate enough to meet him about a year ago and couldn’t have been a funnier or friendlier guy. Many of the people I have gotten to know over the years have also spoken highly of CRESE.

My thoughts and sympathies are with the friends and family of CRESE. Rest in peace.


Nell’arco di tempo in cui sono stata autolesionista, ho utilizzato una crema per coprire l’odore del sangue, finché le ferite non sparivano.
A distanza di tempo, ho annusato nuovamente quella crema. Direi di esser stata colta di sprovvista, non era nei miei piani sentirne l’odore.
Appena lo sentii, scoppiai. Un’ira incredibile crebbe in me e mi affrettai a uscire di casa. Quando ritornai mia madre non disse nulla.
Oggi ho volontariamemte annusato quella crema e i ricordi sono saliti in superficie immediatamente. La scuola, i giorni in cui avevo quel profumo addosso, immagini e ricordi sporaidici si susseguivano mentre io cercavo di reprimere il bisogno di ferire. Me o qualcuno.
Vorrei riuscire ad abituarmi a quel profumo rilassante e allo stesso tempo pericoloso. Ma più provo ad avvivinarmi più il sadicismo di cui son pervasa crese a dismisura. Spero di riuscire a non ferire qualcuno….

#TBT me and my big sister Carisa. We remind me of my two kids. Same age difference and everything. And yes, my eyes have always been this big my entire life LOL. Love you Cresee!! (at London, United Kingdom)