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Why are you bashing Jeff Davis when we don’t even have the reason on WHY he is blind?

As much as I love Teen Wolf, and the cast, and as many feels as it gives me I will also be the first to admit that the writing for this show is shit. There are so many plot holes, unresolved characters, unnecessary plot insertions, and inadequate world/mythos development that it makes my head hurt when I watch more than 5 episodes at a time. It has broken its own rules in its 2 seasons as many times as SPN has in its eight, but I still watch it religiously. I think that starting a season with a contradiction to what has been established about the nature of werewolves, that they are impervious to most physical harm because of their super-healing powers, is not setting up the rest of the season well in regards to continuity, but I have no doubt that it will be full of action and drama.

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gah I wish I could help. I’ve never updated a graphics board before o.O have you tried googling your question to see if others have had the same problem? That’s usually what I do.

i already did but all the threads in the supportboards are kind of abandoned :/ reinstalling the driver rn, let’s see what happens. I’m really scared because my graphics board has been doing funny stuff for some time now