1) why did you choose your url? i created it when i was getting into death note and fell in love with L like every person who gets into death note. i was also just starting to learn japanese (that’s why i started watching anime - to pick up the language), so i threw something in japanese there. booya. lawlietshoujo. nowadays i’m stuck to it because it’s been too long to change.
2) what is your middle name? i don’t have one lol
3) if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? a dragon or an Absol
4) favorite colour? blue
5) favorite song? this is one is tricky, and changes a lot. but i really like “i’ll follow you - shinedown”
6) what are your top five fandoms? homestuck, supernatural, gravity falls, pokémon, hannibal.
7) why do you enjoy tumblr? because it’s a huge trashcan and i’m trash king
8) tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes: (took me forever to remember where to find those) overexciteddragon, playfulpanthress, princessvespera, screamingfromthevoid, creepy-senpai, lancealotofgames, elizabethrobertajones, aaalkonosts, hotmilkychai


#drug mention #creepy #ask2tag ??? about last week i did a ‘drawing under the influence’ experiment where i would draw while smoking weed lol ive always wanted to do this but i never feel motivated high so it was difficult to actually push myself to do this. each image is done after a fifteen minute interval (in order) and well tbh i dont know what to say lmao the truth is out there i guess


I am still in shock that I won my Literature class’s Creative Project Contest with this video……