Hey guys! Yet another list of stories I like from creepypasta and nosleep! Recommendations are always welcome in my ask box!

Short and Sweet

  1. I think my Son is going to Kill Himself: TW suicide, but this one is extremely creepy
  2. Seaweed: Hope you don’t live near the ocean
  3. Since the incident: Now that’s what I call plot twist! 
  4. Vile Cargo: This one def leaves a lot up to the imagination 
  5. What my Mother Saw: I just love stories like these


  1. Misanthropic Slumber: Completely original and pretty dang creepy
  2. A Game Of Flashlight Tag: Super creepy and super suspenseful 
  3. The Kimberly Story: This one legit made me unable to sleep for days.
  4. In the Mist: This one is just mysterious and makes you have goosebumps.
  5. Poisoned Oak: Being the pagan I am, I love this


  1. A Formerly Winged Horse: Brings up many questions, but be sure to send me your theories!
  2. Kingdom of Sand: pretty creepy, and safe to say i will not be going to the desert any time soon
  3. Carnival of Horror: because I need one more thing to feed my creepy carnival obsession
  4. Builder Bear: Never will you look at your childhood toy the same way! 
  5. Ethics Committee Orientation: This just screams creepy!

Rituals (please do not try for your own safety!)

  1. Look at the clock: wanna lose your sanity and torture yourself? Well I found the ritual for you!
  2. How to Actually Contact Bloody Mary: A lot different from what you did as a child to try and speak to her
  3. Chanel ∞: Meaning of life cost about as much as a tv
  4. The Holder Of Rage: Part of a huge series and is amazing as f
  5. Hands: Not exactly a ritual but still kind of one


  1. Dirty Movie: Garentee you’ll throw up
  2. Fuzzy: I fucking love this one! Pay attention to details!
  3. I know my Parents Loved me very much, but…: Look at your parents. Read this. Look again. 
  4. Don’t go on Haunted House tours: Kinda reminds me of The Houses October Built
  5. The Veiled Girl: Hahahaha just another reasons little girls are Satan
Lolymoon in Rome ~ First edition

Though it wasn’t all fun and games (we even got hail, people. In the middle of freaking May. WTF) I managed to enjoy some of the beauty Rome has to offer… and I tried to bring back to you a sample of it (I am well aware that no picture, especially mine, can quite convey the awe-inspiring sights of the city, but I hope it will still be worth it).

(do not repost and do not use without my permission)

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I used to draw comics out of Creepypastas back in 2014.

Creepypastas in order: The Cave (Ethan I.), Trust (Naheenanajah), Grocery ListThe Seven Deadly Sins

(Check out MrCreepypasta - He’s how I got to know these horrifying stories.)