Creeper the Delinquent Creeper

  • Name: Creeper “Cree”
  • Age: 12 (August 31st)
  • Sex: Female
  • Creeper is a runaway who has little to no regard for rules and regulations.
  • Although she is generally friendly, it does not take much to anger her.
  • She is nomadic and does not live in any set location (she was born and used to live in a jungle).
  • Creeper is not very smart and most of her ideas don’t make sense or lead to danger. 
  • She fits into the ENTP category.
  • Creeper hates humans and will kill them upon sight.
  • She cannot explode on her own, however situations that put her under pressure will almost certainly lead to awkward spontaneous combustion.

Creeper does not understand the color purple.