The Teen Feminist Revolution Will Be Internet-ized


'm watching the latest segment of MTV's new YouTube series, Braless. Like any other YouTube channel trawl, I'm unconsciously clicking on the link to watch the next episode—even before the first one is finished. That's a testament to Laci Green's compelling presentation. She's smiley and warm and you get the sense that this is a woman who has fun: her delivery of feminist thought is crackling with the perfect combination of energy, dry wit and speed; perfect for the post-millennials.

So what is MTV Braless? Well, it’s MTV’s first YouTube channel with original programming for a start. Hosted by one of YouTube’s most popular sex-educators, Laci Green, Braless will post a new segment weekly on gender and sexuality in pop culture. No doubt the channel will be hoping to tap into the popularity of Green’s own channel, Sex+, with its impressive 1.1 million subscribers and artfully-named videos such as, “Clit-Ical Thinking” and “50 Shades of WTF.”

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