Every single one of these amazing people definitely deserves more love. I’ve spoken to most of them and feel like I kind of at least sort of know all of them, or at the very least am on mutual-reblogging terms (which, as everyone on Tumblr knows, is the highest of wordless friendships). They’re all funny, thoughtful, clever human beings and I am glad to know them, even if it’s just over the internet and we may never meet. I SALUTE YOU.

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Kayla-na? What’s the story there?

Besides the fact that her fursona is married to Sonic the Hedgehog and she has the twitchiest mute-finger on FA (As of two years ago) but she also freaks the fuck out and explodes on people for making the lightest of cracks about anything in her streams

just a cunt with no business drawing so much good porn (and then ruins it by drawing a shit-ton of pokemorph porn like wow)

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I actually had a glitch where my game would crash whenever I tried to enter the chantry. I got around it by using Leliana to pick the lock on his cage!

Omg. Me too! Sometimes it would freeze up in transition on the loading page, and then sometimes I’d get in and freeze up directly afterward?

I figured out eventually that there is this one exact spot next to the door that stepping in or nearby would freeze it up. I don’t know why.

Long story short, I apparently having an ongoing love affair with doing things the hard way.

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morrigan is the BEST

morrigan haters can all gtfo