Another monster design from back in June…I made him to sell as an adopt but I just couldn’t bring myself let go of him, he’s too appealing to me. This is a running theme with adoptables that I design, apparently.

(I don’t usually do the “here’s a closeup” thing but I drew him in landscape and tumblr post formatting hates that!! It made him so tiny…)


I made these little winged goat adopts (I call them Bexites) last September, and never got around to actually selling them or uploading them anywhere! Never ended up making more than 3 because other creature designs were more fun for me to draw, but I still like them a lot!

(If you’re interested in buying one, I’m selling them here on weasyl for $30 each. If you don’t have a weasyl account you can send me an ask or email about it too <3)


Monsters! Woo!

A little while back I designed the monstrous cast of Cloudkid’s OZMAT project. They’ve released their content online slowly, but now all the beautifully animated work and art they’ve done is up at http://ozmat.tumblr.com

These are my designs for the project- had a lot of fun figuring out how to design simpler characters for animation. 


I made some monsterpeople adopts, as SmashCon is coming up (I’ll be opening commissions again soon after rethinking prices and sorting out my old wait-list). These guys are called Branchis, they’re seaslug sphynx-ish creatures! Monsters with humanoid faces are one of my true loves, and I’ve had these guys on my mind for a few months, hehe.

If you’re interested in buying one, I’m selling them here on weasyl for $35usd each! If you’re interested but you don’t have an account there, email me at jacobinsammy (at) gmail.com (though the weasyl page will be the most up-to-date with adoptable status). :)