Seeing everyone make their  Pokemon variations I just wanted to make some of my own so bad! So I jumped on the Bandwagon with the mighty Tyrantrum!

Had the idea of making it into a few iconic theropods (even though a few of these aren’t too related lol).
Before you ask, I didn’t make Spinosaurus because it strays farther away from Tyrantrum’s design than what I preferred. The only reason I didn’t make Allosaurus was because of time constraints).


I thought I might take a couple quick photos of the retouched reference sheets for the first round of Aequis before packing them up. Watercolor and tea wash on the top two, text only on the bottom to keep it from becoming too busy. The washes gave them a slight curve, but they will continue to flatten in their packaging.

Hopefully my handwriting isn’t too bothersome! I have been told I write backwards/upside down, as I clearly didn’t learn the proper directional strokes to forming letters. (I had no patience for that as a child, I guess.)

The next batch of three will also have sheets made in this style. I would like to get them finished before the month is over.

Commonly referred to as the River Sphinx, the Nile mermaid was once a revered, respectfully feared and auspicious inhabitant of the Nile River. Believed to be the consorts and companions to the Egyptian god Hapi, River Sphinxes were considered demigods of prosperity. Their presence in the Nile was an indicator of the rivers health. Along with the nilometer of Elephantine, the priests would monitor the River Sphinx’s behavior as a precursor and omen of flood or famine in the Nile.  

Unlike many of their European relatives, the River Sphinx is communal, living in family groups made up almost entirely of females. While each unit does have a single siring male, the unit is governed by matriarchal law. Adolescent males tend to school together until they are breech into a pod or create a new one. Family units can be found throughout the Nile river feeding on fish, waterfowl and have even been known to hunt down caiman.


I’m auctioning some designs from a species of mine HERE on dA! I’d been planning to for a while, but recently acquired a nice vet bill, so I needed to set this up sooner than intended, haha.

These guys are Valixira, and if you’re interested in reading about the species, you can view my worldbuilding here!

(BTW if you are interested in bidding and you don’t have a dA account, feel free to email me at jacobinsammy@gmail.com! :3 )

DA:I - Greater Wilderness Creatures

A couple of my favorites, which to me will always be the Dragon Bear and the Hyena Vulture. The idea was that an ecosystem that included flying tyrannosauruses would be different from the one we know today. In this case, a breed of bear that targets wyverns and dragonlings, but in the spring may even go after a high dragon. Alternately, a scavenger that has grown large and confident living off the scraps of the high dragon.