A long time ago, when the trees were greener and gamedev still young, my favorite game was Legacy of Kain. In fact it still is. And at that time I redesigned the Vampire Wraith race from the game to create some original characters of my own. Last time I’ve drawn some was about a year ago.

And here’s Lanthanein again, with a gunblade. I know nobody likes my dirty sketches, but that’s as far as I can go tonight.


"Tundra", a 12 inch tall kirin sculpture, made from polymer clay over wire and foil and painted in acrylics. He was super fun to make, and while he ended up being way bigger than I expected, I really enjoyed working on him and am happy with how he turned out. He is removable from the base and the tail and tree are both made of plastic so are flexible and durable.

Tundra is available on etsy!