i show my work to people in europe and they say its political. i tell them my people aint dying over politics, they just trying to live. cops recently murdered 29 year old charles smith while he was handcuffed by shooting him in the head. #creatorsgonecreate

the wall was too long for me to capture a decent photo (~35 feet long) but here are the close ups of the characters i freestyled. they were inspired from african sculptures i saw at the louvre and from howard university’s collection in the school of fine arts. i was able to give the stolen artifacts from the museum back to the community of people they actually represent. my [street] art is powerful. and im blessed to serve the communities i fellowship with around the world. this just the beginning. much love to st.denis for allowing me to be part of your hood. #paris #stdenis #streetart #education #culture #realart #creatorsgonecreate