"I think their relationship’s really evolved. I love scenes where it’s about two women who are not against each other, not trying to tear each other down. This is about Skye really proving herself to May, and now May sees her potential as a very good S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. And I love the dynamic of being her mentor, and guiding her so that she can perhaps not just instill some of her own personal skills to Skye and her philosophies, but she can also just develop more of that friendship. I don’t think May is very good about making friends, and then this sense of being a mentor, I think she’s more comfortable with.” (Ming-Na Wen)

Gentle reminder, that when talking about exes, Skye chose to mention Ward (even though they were never actually in a rel.) and not Miles (who she was in a rel. with and who also actually let her down and broke her trust), now let that sink in.

setting fire to our insides for fun

the golden age is over;; olympians au

skye and ward argue. it’s not unusual. they come to an understanding of sorts. which is revolutionary.

coulson | zeus king of the gods 
may | hera queen of the gods
raina | hades goddess of the underworld
mack | posiedon god of the sea
audrey | demeter goddess of the harvest & fertility
mike | hester god of family 

trip | apollo god of the sun & music (twin to artemis)
jemma | artemis goddess of the moon knowledge & the hunt (twin to apollo)
maria | athena goddess of war & wisdom
skye | aphrodite goddess of love
ward | ares god of war
fitz | haephestus god of the forge
lance | hermes messenger of the gods
quinn | dioynsus god of wine & theatre

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i’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm // a mix for the girl still trying to find herself, for the girl looking for the truth, for the girl who feels hurt, angry and betrayed. for the girl who just wants to be found.

for the 0-8-4. for s k y e. {listen here}

yellow flicker beat, lorde | seven devils, florence + the machine | abraham’s daughter, arcade fire | radioactive, imagine dragons | monster, paramore | devil in me, kate voegele | titanium, sia | skyscraper, demi lovato | eyes open, taylor swift | roots before branches, room for two | the sun will rise, kelly clarkson | the call, regina spektor

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skyeward + teachers au

She leaves a candy apple in his mailbox, where everyone can see it.  It’s just sitting there, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a red bow, staring at him from the cubby-hole.  He pulls it out and he knows the secretary sees him, and he knows everyone is going to be talking about it.

He’s flushing and he hasn’t even read her note yet.

He doesn’t read her note until he has gone back into his classroom and locked the door.
"To Mr. Ward,
Thank you for helping me set up my classroom! Hope my present doesn’t get stuck in your teeth.
Miss Skye.”

She’s new. She’s new, and she is going to be the death of him.  He slowly, slowly unwraps the apple, neatly folding the cellophane and putting it in his desk drawer.

He hasn’t had a candy apple in years.

He takes a bite.

It gets stuck in his teeth immediately.

roommates, best friends, girlfriends (4/?)

Summary: Jemma and Skye have been college roommates and best friends for years, and recently they’ve become best friends who also happen to make out quite frequently. And sleep together, hold hands, you know, the whole ordeal. (They know the word for that is “girlfriends”, but “best friends who also make out” is a much better definition.)
A series of independent, fluffy short stories.

previous chapters | read on AO3

chapter 4: later
It’s Skye’s birthday and she was excited to spend it with her girlfriend, but it turns out Jemma seems to have made plans already. With science.

It’s been only a few years since Skye started actually enjoying her birthday. The first time she had a nice one was on her first year living with Coulson. Before that, she’d either spent them at the St. Agnes Orphanage, where the date was barely even acknowledged, or at a foster house where no one could possibly care less about it.

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