02.12.11 - More Back Up & Space


Yay! Just wanted to share my little work station. I finally got myself an external hard drive sometime ago to back up and have more space for work. I am actually currently working on “The Art of Prada.” That will soon be published so look out for it. :) Just had a lot of creative juices flowing recently that explains why I had to get more space and show a little preview on screen. :) So the pic above is pretty much what I use to work with the blogs. That and my Sony HDR-SR11 camera. :) Anyway, hope the weekend has been well for you guys. And I will be writing more soon.


05.13.13 - OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

This one was taken this past weekend on Saturday. I haven’t had the chance on doing a formal shoot for my lookbook but will try my best to keep up. :)

Just threw on my Penguin Fedora hat with my Armani Exchange aviators. The tank is from Sunday Work Clothes. The flannel shirt is from Ralph Lauren. Looks like wrapping it around your waist is coming back. Pants from Denizen and the shoes are by Sperry Top-Sider.



Anyway, thanks for checkin’ in guys!


Brown sugar and half & half

I got a surprise call from my best friend Maika earlier today. Happens she was in the L.A. area and on my way so we decided to get together to catch up. Again, it was pretty inspiring. I love talking to this girl because she reminds me there are great people that care care about you aside from soul searching and what not. There were many interesting conversations but my main focus is the motivation on creating more art. Projects! This is one of the best highlights for the new year, is to begin discussing about art projects and creativity. Anyway, I don’t want to elaborate more since I noticed I need lots of sleep. The week has killed me.

Anyway, there’s no excuses on why I can’t do other things besides work. So here I go.

Until then..

08.28.11 - Couture Dress

Hey guys. From time to time, I like to be randomly creative about different things. So today, I decided to illustrate a couture dress. No brand in specific, just my design. Just thought I’d share with you guys on here. :) Well, I’m still brainstorming within this week but hope everyone had a great weekend! For the meantime, hope you guys like my work.


This photo wast just taken a few minutes ago as you are reading this. The before photo will go on my CreativitynStyle blog before the actual shoot even happened. I haven’t really released the photos yet on my blog since the contest hasn’t ended yet. And I didn’t have much time to upload the 2 shoots. The beige coat behind all these clothes is a vintage Saint Laurent when it used to be Yves Saint Laurent. That’s probably the next look I will put up on my lookbook. If some of you are curious on what the current shoots looks like for the contest, here’s the link:


Hehe if I don’t win, it’s ok. It’s all about having fun and just continuing what I love doing. Ahhh! It’s 2:15 a.m. and I better get off this and sleep! Just wanted to upload something before bed. Nighty night..

NYFW Contest

Was proud to say I’m able to make it early to the office today. Considering I slept pretty late again, I made it today. Last night I did the 2nd photoshoot for my lookbook. I entered to try to win the NYFW contest on lookbook. You’re supposed to upload a look that you will be wearing at New York Fashion Week. The rules are to be creative, be original, and quality. We’ll see how it goes. It may not be fair since there are popular lookbookers already who gets a lot of hype. So far, on both mine, I have 18 on one and 24 on the other. The contest ends the 30th of this month since Fashion Week already begins next month so we’ll see if the numbers ever climb. My Sis told me to just have fun with it which I did. Hey, if I don’t win, it’s not meant to be. I’ll still continue to be creative with my blog since I love doing it anyway. I even researched on male masc make up to complete the look for the shoots. It’s fun but I always do things on my own. Thank God for my younger bro who helped take the photo. Cause it gets real blurry if I do the self timer on my own. Anyway, the photos will be up on my other blog soon. I may add some teeny behind the scenes on this blog since I put anything here anyway relating to art. I’m pretty pleased on how the photos turned out so that’s good. :) Be writing again soon.

07.29.13 - Behind a Shoot


Sometimes, it’s interesting to see what’s behind the scenes of a perfect photo. For my case in the current photoshoot, this is what the set looks like behind the camera. Haha. Not so much but a huge mess. I was thinking earlier that you can create something messy into a work piece of art. My thoughts  would be like a Picasso painting, so distorted but really beautiful.


Here’s a photo with the tripod in the background and my laptop for quick photo editing. You can see some camera equipment and a few clothing on the ground.


My beloved lighting. These helps immensely with my shoots. :)

Thanks for reading/viewing!

This is another version if not exactly similar, of the photo I had published on creativitynstyle. My inspiration for this photo is just about being free-spirited once again and just ready to move forward in life. Since I started this blog, I was very motivated to create more art without boundaries, and just try to forget about the past.