The Pros and Cons of Designer Con 2013


It’s rare I see sunrises. But I caught an exceptional one on the way to the Austin airport as my boyfriend, Brent, and I began our trip to Pasadena, CA for Designer Con 2013.


2 planes, car rental in LA, drove to Pasadena….got there in just enough time to see the sun set.


Load in was Friday. This was a very different show for me, as I usually do local shows, which means I can drive my grid wall and normal set up, but this time I was on a plane, which was a whole different beast.

There was a little communication mix up with the rental company we got our grid wall from, but they were super, super cool about it and solved the problem to the best of their ability.


My set up wasn’t too shabby, all things considered, and the kind folks of Flat Bonnie let me borrow some display stuff as well.


Let’s talk about the cons of this con. Sales. I had really expected to do well at this show. I actually expected to come back with at least one empty suitcase. That was not the case at all. I had 3 sales total. Thankfully they were good sales, so I was able to at least make my table back. It was very disappointing. People seemed to like what I was doing, but no one was buying.

Another thing I was disappointed by was the originality factor. I do fan art. My fan art does well at Comic Cons. But it’s not what I want my bread and butter to be. While most of my fan art falls pretty safely within the parody category, it’s still someone else’s characters and not mine. I really thought Designer Con was going to be primarily original creations, and while I DID see a lot of new and original stuff, I saw quite a lot of recycled things. I left all my fan art back in Austin. Seems like I should have brought it. I guess my gripe is, if customers only come to cons to buy characters they are already familiar with, then how is new work supposed to succeed? I wish people were more open to new work and not something they’ve already heard about or work they feel is approved by society or their friends.

On to the pros!

Ayleen and Ben, the show coordinators, were great. They communicated the ins and outs of the show in a timely manner and answered questions immediately. They were super nice in person. The show ran smoothly, the venue was good, the tables were great, lighting, etc….everything you want when you show up at a show.

The TALENT. Oh my, the talent. This was a top notch show. All the designers were people at the top of their game. Everywhere I turned was something adorable. That could be another reason for the slow sales…..I’m usually the big fish at shows. This was a lake of giant fish.


I got to meet some of these fine talented folks. I’d been wanting a Flat Bonnie since I hear about them this year. It was so hard choosing which character to get, they are all super cute. But I decided to go with the original Bonnie bunny. Check out their stuff, part of the proceed go to animal rescue, something near and dear to my heart.

This fox is from JanieXY, who is the most huggable little guy ever. Check out her stuff at the link, your heart might explode from the cute.


I’m normally a little hesitant about trades, as sometimes you don’t want to deplete stock, etc. But when Creative Tart approached me about trades, I was hardly going to turn down this sweet Portal print. They’ve also got super cute original things, including pugs and corgi prints, and who doesn’t love adorable funny looking dogs?


And of course, many thanks to Dylan Edwards & Feeping Creatures, who was my table mate for this show. Good to see ole ex-Austin art friends.

Despite the sad sales, I did have a good time. Brent and I haven’t had a real, get on a plane and go somewhere totally different vacation. I got to eat a meal I’ve dreamed of for a decade now at The Stinking Rose. I got to spend several days with my guy (I hardly see him in Austin)…… And the best part?!



Next show is Wizard World here in Austin in a week and a half!

On the seventh day ‘til #Christmas my #truelove gave to me…
Seven corgis synchronized swimming!

By @CreativeTart

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Missed last nights opening event featuring #streetfighter pieces from local artists like @creativetart at @rosecitypizza , but better late than never! Really awesome to see over 10 artists and their work featured here. They are hosting Pints For Pitties today from 3-8 where they donate $1 for each pint to that organization. Come for great food, craft beers, art from locals, and a great cause today! #rosecitypizza #creativetart #pintsforpitties #craftbeer #jdmzipties (at Rose City Pizza)


CORGI MADNESS! These little fellas are looking for a good home. 

1 - "Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts!" | 2 - "Corgi Balloon" | 3 - "Corgi Chews You" | 4 - "Corgi Mustache You a Question" | 5 - "Corgi Yoda" | 6 - "Dog Wars: Attack of the Paws"

by Creative Tart 

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Here it is!
How I Met #PaperCorgi
By Creative Tart

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