Here’s Your First Contact with Alien: Isolation

I think it’s safe to say this project has broken out of the rumor cage and is now free to prey on any one of us stupidly not named Ripley.

In Sega’s latest attempt to make anything but a frozen space turd out of the Alien IP, they’ve tasked Creative Assembly in restoring dignity to this series’ video game presence not seen since AvP2 for the PC. Feel free to brush up on Alien: Isolation right hereabouts, but I’ll give you the quick lowdown:

Ellen Ripley’s own brood, Amanda, is isolated (bah!) aboard a space station –  that’s a bit misleading, though, because she has plenty of company, found in one vicious xenomorph terrorizing her at every vent and dark corridor.

Given the lack of pluralization in the title, the game’s vibe appropriately borrows from the original film’s claustrophobic brand of horror. More than that, these screens showcase slavish dedication to designs period specific (in canon) to Ridley Scott’s vision of the early 22nd Century. That motion tracker looks like it was ripped right out of Captain Dallas’ hands (if you got the reference immediately, we are lifelong friends now).

Oh, baby, I can feel a reveal coming on real soon. I crave a trailer next.

Alien: Isolation Dated for October

Creative Assembly’s “lo-fi sci-fi” love letter to Ridley Scott’s deep space horror masterpiece has received a release date: October 7th, 2014.

Alien: Isolation looks to holster the series’ pulse rifles and send its colonial marines on shore leave. You won’t mow down an army of xenomorphs; you’ll have to outsmart just one. The effect is an elongated game of cat and mouse… if the cat were a double-jawed, acid-blooded hate creature bred to be perfect killing machine straight out of the womb (the womb in question being your exploded chest cavity).

For a sci-fi horror franchise that practically invented sci-fi horror, it’s astounding Alien has yet to dip into the survival horror genre, but better a few decades late than never. Especially after 2013’s Travesty That Shall Not Be Named.

Mark your calendars and remember, while no one in space can hear you scream, your neighbors can certainly hear the high-pitched, glass cracking fright coming out of your apartment playing Isolation. Maybe give ‘em a heads up so they don’t call the cops and have them laugh at you.

Alien: Isolation Reunites the Original 1979 Film’s Cast in Bonus DLC

After 35 years since its release, the original Alien cast is having a reunion. In a video game. Remember – no one can hear you fangasm in space.

Creative Assembly’s upcoming survival horror ode to dying at the hands of an eyeless allegory for man rape brings together the voice talents of Tom Skerritt, Ian Holm, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, Yaphet Kotto and Sigourney Weaver (reprising her career launching role as Warrant Officer Ellen Louise Ripley for the first time since 1997).

The cast features in two missions ripped straight from the film. The first, “Crew Expendable,” is included in the Nostromo Edition of Alien: Isolation and lets players choose between Dallas, Ripley, or Parker moments after Brett is double-jawed to death by the ship’s stowaway. You’ll explore the Nostromo and look for a way to lure the alien to an airlock (as in “Blew it out the goddamn…”).

Slapping down a pre-order at Gamestop gives access to a second DLC chapter called “Last Survivor” recreates the third act of the film wherein [SPOILERS] Ripley is the last crew member to have not been double-jawed to death. You’ll have to dart your way through the shadows of the Nostromo, set the self-destruct, and backtrack all the way to the ship’s lifeboat in order to make a spectacular getaway. It’s unclear if the cat that played Jonesy in the original film will lend its vocal talents to the DLC.

The bonus content dances upon the “totes excite” quadrants of my brain. However, I’m pretty sure this is a part of that sickening future where retailers withhold not just skins and bonus weapons to guide your dollar, but entire chunks of exclusive gameplay, which the latter piece of content definitely is.

Alien: Isolation hits current and next-gen console October 7th.