7 Girls Who Changed The World In 2014

The girl power has been strong this year. Seriously. That isn’t to say that women are suddenly respected in our society–rape culture still exists, women of color are still the butt of jokes and people are still trying to control what women do with their bodies. But it’s just that level of of BS that is inspiring all kinds of women to speak out and make a difference.

We all know that Emma Watson has been touted as the feminist of the year after her big speech at the UN about gender equality, but there are other women who aren’t household names who are making a difference in this big ol world of ours. Here are seven girls who changed the world this year that you need to know!


Sherlock themed Christmas tree by me!

-Moriarty’s suit “burn”
-“Hanged, yes.” ft. mini-noose
-“You always feel it” with EKG and 3 bullets inside
-“The game is on” with dominos inside
-“I may be on the side of the angels”
-“But don’t think for one second that I am one of them”
-“London would fall” with London skyline
-IOU Apple
-The woman’s measurements
-The wall
“I am SHERlocked
-A.G.R.A. Thumb drive
-Molly’s silhouette “You see me… I don’t count”
-“I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes”
-“Dr. John Watson” and John’s silhouette
-“Not dead- SH”
-“Old friend” and Sherlock’s skull friend
-Mary’s Ornament
-A study in pink’s pills