How to create a mini music player?


hello guys!! here i put the steps of making mini player for your blog!!
before you read it you should know i struggled a lot before making this cause im slow person and i like to learn the steps from 0 and im not really a smart person.. but the thing is i never found someone telling me that so i tried my best to do it.. now there might be many ways to do it but this one worked for me the best!! and i hope you will work with you too!!! Just follow the steps carefully and do it right!! you can ask me any time if anything wasn’t clear…. here we go!!!! 

1- first let’s make sure you have (.mp3) songs on your device.. If the songs you want are on youtube then you can download them as (.mp3) using this website

i.put the link of the song you like from youtube there convert wait for few moments will get a download link click on it your songs in your music folder!!

2- Now we need an online (mp3)  DIRECT link  for each of your songs!! so you need to upload them and get a direct link that ends with (.mp3) the best way i found to do it is to upload your songs on this website

i. click  browse choose the song from your folder and wait for the upload
ii. do this for the rest of the songs then click on ‘view all your files’
iii. you might need click on it twice to get to a white page that got all your songs that you uploaded open each song in a new tab/window and copy it’s link that is end with (.mp3) and post these links somewhere in a text file for example so you wont lose them.

3- Now go to 

i. put all the links you got there each song in a place and don’t forget to add the title!!   (remember billy code goes up to 5 songs!! but you can add one manually in the code)
ii. choose if you want it auto play or not then click ‘generate code’ and you will get YOUR SMALL CODE

4- Finally go to this link (HERE)

i. choose the music player shape you like (there are 4 choices) 
ii. click on it to see the big code and copy it into a text file you will see somewhere in the code where it says “


so after this line you should REMOVE the part from 

( <embed src= ....... bla bla bla .......till..x-shockwave-flash" /> ) 

Now instead of these put YOUR SMALL CODE there!! (from step 3) 

iii. finally post the new big code in your tumblr theme right before “</body>” and save it!!

so that is it basically …!!
I hope it helps everyone and if it worked please share it to others!! 
and here the code for anyone who wanna do it manually (Link) !! 
If you got any problem my ask is always open I will help you till you get your mini player working fine!!! 



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Create - a video to try encourage people to go make things

We were put on this earth to make stuff.

It’s true. Why do we forget this?! Things like attending college and going to work can give us a sense of purpose but at the same time feel unfulfilling. Most of the time we’re not creating anything. Instead, we find ourselves bullshitting papers or memos for the boss, in the midst of a game in which we’re meant to believe that it all actually means something.  

Gardening, building a table, drawing. These are tangible things that make the world more beautiful and/or functional. Working with your hands to create something is a fundamental part of being human.  That glow you feel after baking cupcakes isn’t imaginary. You can feel yourself really bringing somethnig even if it’s a tiny bit of joy into the world.

We aren’t saying that people writing these fake papers or silly meetings are useless or bad people. We just get caught up into the day to day grind of surviving. We forget that our soul was put here to grow whether that be spiritually, creatively, intellectually. We don’t even realize it when we’ve been stunted for years! Wake up! Go plant a flower! 


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Drift Journal

The process of creating hand cut wood block prints is so completely fascinating and seeing the detail of how it is done has made us appreciate Nick’s works of art so much more. When you’ve finished looking through the images, be sure to read our interview with Nick for more details on the how and why of his work. And be inspired.(The following print that we documented took place over the course of approximately 300 hours of work. Just try to wrap your mind around that for a moment…)