WIP1: Grima!Robin and Grima!Robin, because now I have ideas about Future of Despair and if there are two Morgans, what if there was a poor alternate universe where there are TWO Robins and both of them are Grimas. Experimental coloring stuffus.

WIP2: Morgan and Morgan, traditional!bookmark doodles. Still WIP, since I just got myself a lot of books to read so…

3rd Drawing: Idk, Robin draft. I should start experimenting with M!Robin


So I’ve been playing this game off and on for a few months now. It’s pretty interesting,and I’m seriously slow (and terrible) at it.I wish I could play faster just so I can reach Kielce/Bristia scenario quests so I can get JD!!! AND CAISSE! AND CANO!!!!

I had given up on ever getting there ever and then someone I’ve been secretly stalking (verric) reblogged? reposted Caisse’s new costume and *INCOHERENT SQUEALS*

I couldn’t help myself. In the end, my coworker just shoved her sketchpad at me because I left mine at home (“Surely I won’t need it! It’s heavy” - what did I know) so these things will never be scanned/photographed any clearer. Cry. 

Watercolor, pencil, some random ballpoint pens…


> I can’t wait for DeSu2: Break Record and Hibiki(iiii!!!!) Nendo. 

> I just finished FF13-2 a couple of days ago and HRNNGHRNGHNRHN can we not talk about Noel can we never talk about Hope (!!nrhnghrn!!!) and can I just pet Serah forever and punch Snow (yay character consistency)

> Makai Ouji is my shameless inspiration. Just… not the anime.

> Gojyo commission! My childhooooood!

Also, I’m sorry. My scanner is broken. *ugly laughter*


Productivity is so shot to hell I don’t even…… /mingalings

I should go to bed, but… AT LEAST I FINISHED THIS. Been a while since I really just… drew for fun. Please excuse the paneling and shizz; they weren’t really thought about at all one bit all of the feels amg.


I really can’t wait for Claude to just Move On. I’ve got Plans for him after he gets his game on, and it’s much easier than the low-low-going lower train of thought of this phase. Character development. Argh. 

Like Petals Falling on Blackened Land

Jumping the bandwagon, because I can. Related to the MM Sengoku AU thing going on. I wanted to tell more of the story, but… god, the first part just dragged on and on and onnnn and I just died. 

Related to: http://cafae.tumblr.com/post/20849172373/submitting-a-wip-of-a-comics-that-i-abandonedhttp://bluey306.tumblr.com/post/20963253367/mm-au-the-iron-maiden-foolish-pt-1, etc.


When they met, it is by chance.

Speaking more accurately, however, their circumstances allowed their paths to cross. He was a samurai, well-known and well-respected. He was a kagema, coveted and desired.

Both lived in the same world, like the opposite sides of a ryo. 

This is how it happened…


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