Today’s #CreativeMindsetReset was very much needed and very enlightening!

Revealed Truths • Never be afraid to put yourself out on a limb. Truly LIVING life involves taking risks — which, more often than not, makes us feel vulnerable. However, it is in this state that we discover our greatest strengths; which not only takes us to the next level, it inspires others to do the same.

I’m ready for the next level! Are you?

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Two cool people sat down for tea across the country from each other. Immediate feeling of connection and that we found something that together we could bring into the world. Bringing boards to business. Businesses with boards are more successful, go further, and contribute more to personal and community well being. Trusted advisors bring immense value. Conferences bring people together and integrate ideas and spark new ones! The energy found in coming together around a common idea uplifts everyone. Combine the two and Infusion Principle was born. We’re doing more of what we love – every single day.
+Jessica Dewell & +Nora Whalen, founders of +Infusion Principle, entered my life in April 2014. After joining me as guest panelists on the first episode of #CLBLive™ , they immediately embraced me and have been showing me the ropes when it comes to joint ventures, taking risks, and having FUN as entrepreneurs.

They are well known, respected, and loved by many and on a personal note, I am eternally grateful for these two women being in my life. True to the spirit of the #CreateLiveBe  Mindset Movement, they truly demonstrate what it means to tap into our creative mindset to achieve excellence in business and in life!

To my delight, they have agreed to be the featured guests for this episode of #CLBLive  and I am super excited! Not only have they graciously allowed me to play a role on their core JV team, they are also kicking off the official launch of #InfusionPrinciple  and their  #YouveGotThis Online Summit on this weekend starting with this show!

I invite you to join us for an hour that is guaranteed to challenge your thinking and shift your perspectives on business & life!

Looking forward! 
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Inspiring Entrepreneurs To Reset Their Creative Mindsets For Success
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Meet Jessica Dewell
The dot finder - create the framework. Purposer. Structure. Brilliant. Sparkly. Truth. Deep Breather. Grabs chaos by the hand. Instinct Truster. Helps you rediscover yourself. Nora’s mirror.
Jessica Dewell is Founder and CEO of Red Direction, powered by Elastic Rock, LLC. Since 1999, Jessica has been working with companies to stay competitive, to open the door to conversations (online marketing – socially), and to utilizing existing resources to expand effectively online. What you’ll see on LinkedIn ( illustrates that she has worked with business owners. Together they created the best practices around programs and technology to help create opportunity for active communication. By that – she means sharing information on the internet specifically and deliberately so that when people are ready to buy they will easily find, research, and ask questions.

It seems harder than creating message and pushing them out – however she thinks it’s much easier that people realize. Both avenues are hard work. Both can be tricky to effectively measure results. Both create brand and product awareness. However, in a time where purchase influences come from many different places and the fact that there is so much noise online, focusing on the conversation and content takes the lead.

As you get to know Jessica, you will find that she:
* believes that hard work doesn’t have to be life-consuming or require sacrifice.
* loves to listen and understand what makes you, your business, your product so unique.
* is passionate about setting expectations for what a customer will experience.
* believes something will always come up working on a project, some expected and some unexpected.

Regardless of the project she starts, Jessica finds herself in a place to help bring people together in meaningful ways. You can find Jessica on Google Plus, Twitter, and her blog Red Direction. Oh, she is also on air – Hangouts on Air. Check out +Jess + Scott + You and +Women in Business Today.

The dot connector - reframe perspective. Uplifter. Transformer. Sound. Fun. Reach. Jess’s Biggest Fan (next to her family). Discovers cool people.

I am energized by helping people, their businesses, if they have one, and connecting the dots. I love to find, create, and explore win-win-wins!
For the last four years, I have been coaching service based, female entrepreneurs at Nora Whalen International, LLC. (Some times going with easy and simple is the best way to go.) Together, my clients and I figure out ways for them to expand, shine, and do more of what they love and less of what they do. Cool right?

Before that I worked on a $15 million dollar U.S. Department of Labor Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED
I co-founded Women for Change Coaching Community so that there would be an awesome place for women, who couldn’t afford coaching to get some. Plus, it is a really fun way to connect coaches, provide continuing education for them, and help new coaches gain some experience. You should totally check it out. Although I am not longer involved over there, I am proud of W4C3 and their mission!
I’m equally excited to have these stellar peeps and respected entrepreneurs join us for the show!

+Stephanie Sims 
+Ande Lyons 
+Ray Hiltz 
+Dave Moore 
+Lany Sullivan 
+Krithika Rangarajan 
+Meilani MacDonald

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