Jump Start June Mini Goal Challenge

This challenge is for you if:

* You are struggling with creating or maintaining  any healthy habit

* You have fallen a bit off track and can't  seem to find your way back

* You're  ready to change up your routine, add new habits, exercises, etc.

*  You want to switch things up.  Maybe you're  bored or hit a plateau.

* You think deartreadmill and I are super awesome an want to hang out with us for a whole month. 

Ok so that last one is a bit of a laugh but, the rest are authentic reasons lol.

So this is how this is going to work.

Starts June 1st and runs for 5 weeks.

Every day there will 3 tasks for you to do:

1)  Create at least 1 daily goal to accomplish.  This should be something that is realistic but challenging to you.  If you normally  workout for 30  min a day, then that should not be your goal.  If you struggle with drinking water, then maybe drinking  X amount of water would be your goal.  If you normally don't  stretch before or after a workout, make it a goal to stretch for 5 min each time.  It DOES NOT have to be only fitness or nutrition based goals.  It can be anything to help with your overall  health.  It has to be important  to you.

As the days progress, my hope is that maybe that goal you struggled with on day 1 or 2 will be much easier to accomplish regularly  by day 15 or 16. 

Daily goals change.  They are based on what you can achieve and work on in your life.  Life changes.  The benefit  of the daily goals activity is that you are in control of what you work on in regards to what you have planned that day.  Birthdays, graduation, road trips, vacation, illness, etc.  You can have the same goal until you feel you have mastered it.  If you feel like you're  starting to get it, and want to add another goal, then it's  up to you.  You can have as many daily  goals on your list as you want but please do not overwhelm yourself or set yourself up for failure.

#2)  deartreadmill  will be taking care of the optional exercise portion of this challenge.  She will post workouts and exercises  for you to do and it will again be at your own pace. 

#3)  I will be posting optional weekly questions/activities for you to work on your self love and mental health.  How you feel about yourself right now is so important in your overall goals.  I
Finding  ways to deal with stress in a healthy manner is a huge struggle for lots of people (me especially ).

Be sure to tag your posts #jsj15 and tag both deartreadmill and mybigfatfitlife.  Help your fellow jumpstarters and cheer them on!

Jump Start June Intro and Week 1 Mental Health

So, you want to make some changes eh? You want to tackle a long standing goal? Overcome a bad habit? Try something new? Need support and accountability? This is the challenge for you!

Your ultimate task in this challenge - the “required” portion - is to create one or more daily goals to conplete.

That’s it.

Why? Because I believe that changes are best made in baby steps. Seeing only the big picture and trying to make major leaps can seem daunting and unrealistic. So it is best to break up any major goals and huge steps into smaller ones.

So either the night before or first thing in the morning, decide what your goal is. Write it down. In a journal. Post on your blog. Write it on a sticky note on your computer. You can have more than one goal but do not overdo it. Too many small goals can be as stressful as one giant one. Your goal can change from one day to the next. Every day is a new day. Each day is unique and comes with it unique challenges, schedules, routines, etc.

For example: Let’s say on Day 1 your main goal is to drink X amount of water. Then say on Day 4 you feel pretty comfortable with the water habit, so you add a new goal to eat veggies at every meal. Then say on Day 15 you have a party to attend, your goal could be to only eat one piece of dessert.

And the goals don’t have to be strictly nutrition or fitness in nature. Anything that you feel you need and want to work on. Maybe it’s financial, career, school, family, faith or mental health related.

One of the 2 optional parts of this challenge is the Mental Health section. Every week I will post questions/activities that you can choose to participate in. Do some, do them all or none. It’s up to you!

Week 1, Day 1
Introduce Yourself - include any challenges you face and any long term goals you have. Optional: Post a “Before” pic and any statistics (measurements, PRS, etc) that may be relevant.

Week 1, Day 2
How do you deal with stress? If there are any unhealthy methods (ie: overeating), what can you do instead? Focus on what is realistic for YOU.

Week 1, Day 3
What is keeping you from achieving any goals you have set? How can you overcome those obstacles? Make a mini goal to work on one (example: busy schedule keeps you from eating well - prepare meals in advance to avoid grabbing unhealthy snacks/meals)

Week 1, Day 4
Gratitude Thursday! What are 5 things you are grateful for today?

Week 1, Day 5
Post a photo of something you love about yourself (does NOT have to be a physical thing. Are you good at art? Cooking? Smart?) Why do you love that about yourself?

Week 1, Day 6
Make it a goal today to do at least 30 minutes of something for yourself that makes you genuinely happy.

Week 1, Day 7
How was your first week? What went well? Anything you have learned?

deartreadmill will be posting the Optional Fitness section.

I am super excited to start this challenge with you all! Please be sure to tag all of your posts #jsj15 and cheer your fellow Jump Starters on!

Thankful Thursday #2

It’s in the little things - second Thankful Thursday

Dream Practice, Red Ink over Blue Copic marker on Sketch paper, 2014

Second week of Thankful Thursday here on my blog, I have to be honest here – I was really searching for things I am grateful for the past week. I was disappointed to have no immediate response from my heart…I had to sit down and really think through the week that has gone by for things I am thankful for.

Time to catch up with…

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An idea

I love playing around with photoshop and similar, and lately I’ve been working on creating some printables - like daily/weekly/monthly calendars, to-do list, a calendar for planning meals and such.

If you like me enjoy writing these things out on paper (I like to hang them on my fridge), and I wish thinking of making an etsy shop to sell them for few dollars.

The reason why I came up with this, is that I will not be able to work during the summer because of my surgery, and this would be a little part of my plan B.

If you think this is a great/ridiculous idea, or have any tips and suggestions please let me know!