Earlier today, I was sitting here in my room, on tumblr as usual. Suddenly, my youngest brother (He’s four) barges into my room. I take no notice of it and wait for him to leave again, though in the corner of my eye I see him grabbing something off my shelf. I start grumblin’, ”those damn kids stealin’ my stuff!!!”, and all that. I was about to get up and go after him after he quickly ran out but then he came back into my room, squealing with what I suppose was excitement. He sat down at the end of my bed and I was genuinely surprised by what I saw. What he had taken from my shelf turned out to be my little Harry and Hagrid figurines from ‘01. He was playing with them and it turned out that the reason he had run out and come back in again was that he was getting a little toy MOTORBIKE. Just like Sirius/Hagrid’s one!! And he had Harry and Hagrid sort of on the motorbike, flying around my room. I could not believe my eyes. 

Then, to add to the crazies, HE STARTED PRETENDING TO BE VOLDEMORT CHASING AFTER THEM IN THE BATTLE OVER LITTLE WHINGING. HE WAS EVEN QUOTING VOLDEMORT. I’m serious. He was like, “Why do you live?” and, “Harry Pottaaaah, the boy who lived, Come to die” etc etc. 

I feel so accomplished as a sister.