Just got my strategy guide in the mail. I expected it to get here tomorrow instead of today, but I’m glad it got here earlier than I expected. A few minutes ago, I accidentally ran into my mom because I was walking around in her room looking at that page with Craymen on it.

I assume that one picture to the left is Craymen when he was younger, but I’m not 100% sure since I can’t read Japanese. If so, I definitely prefer him looking older.

Last night, I dreamed Craymen was walking around somewhere and I was clinging to his arm and I didn’t want to let go of him. He didn’t seem to mind. Then later he was puking.

Later in the dream, me and my parents got an expensive gift for my cousin, but she got mad about something and destroyed it. Me and my mom said that we would never buy her anything again.

Then I ate a live baby octopus.

Well, I may be getting a Craymen plushie after all. I talked to my mom about it. I commissioned it from someone on Etsy. I feel more comfortable asking someone on there than someone on DeviantArt. I won’t be ordering a canvas print this month because this plushie costs about the same amount.

The person who makes the plushies is also close by. She’s in Atlanta.

I’ll probably be checking Etsy all day to see if she replies back, because I’m very excited.

We’ll be taking Catherine home tomorrow sometime after lunch.

I’ve been thinking about Craymen all day thanks to that dream and the sketch that Catherine did that I plan to ink and color with SAI. Now I feel like playing Panzer Dragoon Saga again. I played that game a whole lot last year.

But sometimes I worry that my Sega Saturn’s going to stop working one day because it’s so old. I was like 10 or 11 when I got it. My mom got a lot of games for me to play on it when I was a kid, but there’s really only three that I play on it now.

I keep staring at my Craymen plushie. A few years ago, someone who used to be my friend sent me a Hsiao-Chai doll in the mail. I stared at him a lot when I first got him, too. Most of the stuff she gave me has been removed from my room now.

By the way, the pictures of my Craymen plushie will also eventually be posted on TWOTA. I’ll post the link when they get on there. It took a few months for my art to be posted there.


I got my Craymen plushie in the mail! I am so happy! This whole week has been awful, but this day has made up for it. First my art is posted on The Will of the Ancients, and now I get my Craymen plushie.

I may not be able to have him where I originally planned because he needs to sit against a wall to sit up straight.

These are some funny comments I’ve gotten on those two collaborations of Craymen that me and Catherine did:

"On second thought… I should have thrown that spaghetti away when I realized it smelled a bit odd…"

These two are from the same person:

"I’m sure that Edge is laughing at him from somewhere."

"Definitely. I think Craymen might need some medicine."

I found this on Pixiv the other day when I googled クレイメン to see what turned up. I don’t normally go to Pixiv, since I really don’t like the design of the site and the fact you have to have an account to full view pictures or view more pictures than what comes up when you search.

Anyways, I really wish I could read this comic. The only thing I can read on this is クレイメン, which is Craymen in Katakana.